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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stay Safe Out There! 10.31.12

With Halloween here and Hurricane Sandy still wreaking havoc on our east coast, there are plenty of reasons to stay safe this week. If you’ll be out trick-or-treating or partying in costume, make sure  you take precautions and don’t travel alone, especially in neighborhoods you aren’t familiar with. Bring a flashlight or wear some reflectors to be seen by cars.

For those traveling during this chaotic time, you may need some help with getting home or out of the disaster zones. It’s times like these that travel insurance would come in super handy, too. Harriet Baskas from Stuck at the Airport has some wonderful resources for those that are stranded in the wake of Sandy – links to airport guides, information on what to do for different transportation types and extending or cancelling your hotel stay.

Since everyone will likely be busy in some capacity tonight, even if it’s just handing out candy, I’ve decided to keep it short and sweet today with some fun Halloween pics from my trip to Southern California earlier this month.

What are your plans for Halloween?

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