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Friday, October 12, 2012

Super Useful Travel Links 10.12.12

Hey! It’s Friday and I am back from my trip to Los Angeles, Anaheim and all those other places around there. I’ll be telling you all about it in the coming weeks and months, but today it’s all about you and the things that can make travel easier or more fun. As always, I hope you actually find these links useful (or, at the very least, entertaining) and if you found some posts elsewhere that you would like to share, please do so in the comments. I love travel tips, news and gadgets – but you already knew that!

Field Trip
This week I got a great email from Too Many Adapters about fantastic Android Apps. One that stood out to me was Field Trip. It’s a Google App that learns what you like and what you don’t by your use of it and customizes suggestions for you. It runs in the background and then gives you ideas on what to do, where to eat, historical information and more! Pretty cool, right? It’s only available for the U.S. now, but hopefully, that will change in the near future.
Photos of Alegria Farm, Quito
This photo of Alegria Farm is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Have you been trying to figure out a good place to travel and spend your money? Some places depend on tourism dollars to keep afloat and are also great places to travel and learn about different cultures that you may not have even considered before. We felt that our trips Ecuador and places in Central America were fantastic places to get a travel bargain and also give back to communities that needed the little boost we could do for their economy. Want to know more? Check out what Philly.com has to say about Traveling for Good.

I love getting freebies when I travel. It’s not often that it happens, but every so often. On my last trip, I got a free car rental upgrade, free WiFi in my vacation rental and exit row seats on my flight to LA without having to pay for them. (Get to the airport early and check in at the desk and ask if there are any available. Easy!) Want more or better freebies? Check out this fun freebie list pulled together by TheStar.
I am hooked on those Travel Troubleshooter columns in just about every newspaper. Someone had something terrible happen to them and the travel guru fixes it and also tells you how you can avoid such tragedy on your own travels. This one at the StarTribune explains why you should get travel insurance and how it would have helped these travelers from being charged $400 for canceling their trip.
Getting sick on a trip sucks. Period. I’ve had my share of travel sickness and I do my best to stay healthy when going anywhere and touching things that everyone in the city has touched, like elevator buttons and escalator handrails. You can’t always prepare for everything and antibacterial gel is only good for so many things. When you go on vacation and find yourself feeling all icky, check out these 5 easy-to-find foods to cure what ails you, from the mother nature network.
That wraps up this Friday’s links post. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how I only spent $90 to fly two of us to Los Angeles (on an actual plane, on a carrier you’ve heard of)! Stay tuned and don’t forget to plug any cool travel links in t

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