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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On The Road Again - Part 2 10.10.12

Road trips can be a lot of fun or a total nightmare. It all.depends on how you do go and what you do along the way. Last week I gave you some tips we always follow when we load up the car to drive to a destination and back. This week I'd like to give you a few more to help you road trip right and on a budget.

Coupons, coupons, coupons! Along the road you're bound to stop at a few rest stops or greasy spoons (including Denny's) and when you do, grab one of those highway magazines that is full of coupons for dining and lodging. You can.save a ton off already affordable necessities. Sometimes, you may find discounts for roadside attractions. If not, make sure to browse that rack in your hotel/motel lobby before you do anything nearby.

Dress comfortably. It is so easy to dress comfortably and still look like a person nowadays with fabrics like jersey, bamboo and rayon. Just because you've been in the car for 10 hours, doesn't mean you have to look like a slob. Not only are these fabrics comfy, but they also resist wrinkles and breathe well, too. If you can't live without your trusty jeans, invest in some nice ones with stretch. I have three pair that I paid a pretty penny for, but they are some of the best ones I own for travel: James Jeans, Hudson and Lolë. Yes, I know they may have been expensive, but they are well made and will last me many years.

Don't forget about easy-on, easy-off shoes. Like on the plane, you don't want to have crampy feet that you also have to untie and retie every time you get in and out of the car. Throw on some loafers or flats, which will keep your feet happy and save you time.

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Bring tunes from home. Don't rely on just the radio, otherwise you'll have times were the only thing you get are Christian and deep country music, if you can pick up anything. I swear there must be radio towers built into the mountains for these stations. If you're a fan of either, you are probably okay, but I still suggest loading up your iPod with some good road tunes, podcasts or e-books. That way you have a variety of things to listen to and aren't forced to listen to Jesus Rock in between static if you don't want to.

Don't forget non-digital entertainment. Another case of batteries failing or just using your brain. Never underestimate the awesomeness of good old fashioned road trip games, like license plate bingo and 20 questions. Of course, bringing physical games, books and magazines are always a smart idea. Not only can you use them in the car, but in the hotel room and once you get to your destination. I like a selection of card games, but this might also be a great time to bust out your travel-size games, like magnetic Parcheesi, Scrabble or Connect 4.

I know not everyone loves to pack the car up and drive for hours or days to get to their real vacation destination, but by doing more to make the time fly and have a better time along the way, a road trip can be an amazing experience for your family or friends.

Do you have a favorite way to make road trips more fun or budget-friendly?

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