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Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Useful Travel Links

Super Useful Travel Links
Happy Friday, everybody. It's been an interesting week, but not much travel news beyond there being crap weather pretty much all over the country. I'm sorry for any of you who might be trapped in part 2 of the Polar Vortex in Atlanta. Ouch. I'm sure you're all looking forward to a little warmth. If nothing else, you can at least start planning a trip to somewhere that isn't covered in snow and ice.

With all the awful weather, there's a good chance you'll end up getting stuck at an airport this winter. While nobody loves to get stranded, there are some airports that are better than others to be stuck in. USA Today brings you the best airports for stranded travelers. Make sure you have some emergency funds for your travels this winter, in case you need to take advantage of some unplanned amenities and dining. I took advantage of a manicure at the Butter London salon in the Seattle Airport after a long, long day flying back from Paris.

After getting stuck for hours or days in a city, you are probably going to be stressed out. The worst is when you just want to get on the plane, read your book or watch a movie on your tablet, and getting a seat next to that person who just never takes the hint and keeps talking to you. Airfare Watchdog knows you want to just tell them to shut up, but that makes for uncomfortable flying, so they have better ways for you to stop your chatty seatmate from annoying you.

Another thing that hardly brings more ire when flying is unruly children. I might have the best record of choosing the seat right in front of the kid who spends 5 hours kicking me in the back, despite what I say or how many dirty looks I give. I'm always happily surprised when a child next to me is well behaved. Of course, I'm always in coach, so I can't really complain either way. If I paid money to fly in first class, I would probably feel differently. Unfortunately, this gentleman here also felt differently, though he didn't even wait to find out if the child in question was out of control or not before complaining. What do you think? Should small children be allowed in first class?

Once you get where you're going, you're probably hoping to save some dough. I know that's always my goal, even if I have some splurges tucked into my itinerary. 

Planning on a trip to the UK? London is one of the most expensive destinations to travel to. (Isn't it just my luck that it's my favorite city?) Well, beyond making all my meals in my rented flat, I have to look for "affordable" dining options. I'm not going to stay in every day to eat, especially when there's so much good stuff out there. The Londonist has pulled together a list of 10 great meals for under £20 each. Trust me when I say that even though that sounds like a lot, it's a bargain in London.

Hoping to visit Europe instead? One thing that everyone wants to do in Venice is to take a gondola ride along the canal. The rates can be enormous, and maybe you don't feel like being sung to or you just want to cross the canal. Italy Magazine gives you a tip on how to cross the canal for only 2 euros

This installment of Super Useful Travel Links is short, but hopefully quite useful and maybe though-provoking. Let me know what you think or share your own travel finds in the comments.

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