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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Travel with More Counter Space with ORGO Lite

Have you ever gotten to your hotel or vacation rental and gone to put your stuff in the bathroom only to find there's no place to put it. Like, there's not even any counter space to put your toothbrush? So, maybe you improvise and put your toothbrush and toothpaste in a glass and set it on the back of the toilet. Then you think, that's totally gross. How can there only be a toilet and pedestal sink and no place to put anything, like your blowdryer? Are you supposed to just put it on the floor? The makers of ORGO feel your pain and decided to come up with a solution. ORGO Lite!

ORGO Lite toiletry case

This sleek toiletry case holds everything you need in a slim silhouette that slides open to reveal a case that fits easily on top of a normal pedestal sink with a little extra space as well. The case sits on top of an adjustable surface, so when the two parts slide apart, you have a counter/work space that wasn't there before, but means you can use the sink as you would if it had a place to put everything you need in order to get ready in the morning/evening. When you're done, zip close the compartments, slide them back together and stash it anywhere. Even if you drop it and it falls upside down, your contents won't get all broken or jumbled up.

When I first saw the ORGO, I wondered why no one had thought of this before. We've traveled quite a bit in Europe or smaller rentals where the only place to put your toiletries are to hang them on the back of the door, the knob or the towel rack. Not only that, but you can only take one or two items out at a time and then have to put them back as soon as you are done with them. It makes getting ready really annoying and inefficient. 

Just set this baby up on your counter, open it up and have everything you need right at your fingertips. It also works just as good if you have to bring it into another room to do your makeup because someone's in the bathroom (it happens more often than you'd like, I'll wager). The black case makes it easy to find your stuff and has removable organizer sections so you can use them as you need. 

I like to travel with trial size items, because I can take more in a smaller space and also use more space for bigger items, like my glasses and other necessities that you can't make smaller. I pretty much moved everything from my regular toiletry bag into the ORGO and it all fit perfectly with room to spare. The only thing you won't see in here are my solid shampoo and conditioner and my deodorant, because I happened to run out on my last trip. All of them would have fit in here though. You can put smaller things, jewelry or items you like to have close at hand (like eyeliner) in the elastic loops provided on each side or the zipper pockets. I used those for pills, bandaids and lady products.

As you can see, the organizational dividers do a good job of making different sized compartments that fit everything, but you can take them out completely as well, so you have one big compartment if you want. I like that kind of customization when I travel with different things for different destinations or shorter/longer trips. If I'm going away for a weekend, I may only use one side for bathroom things and use the other side for plugs for my electronics or for underwear and socks or for any number of other things.

You don't have to just use this when you travel either. Our smaller bathroom was just remodeled and we put in a smaller sink to make it feel a bit bigger. It works, but there is pretty much just room there for hand soap and a couple of toothbrushes. If anyone comes to visit, this might be an issue for them. As it is, this the bathroom I use to straighten my hair and there's absolutely no place for my flat iron, so I kinda just set in the sink while I'm using it and letting it cool. I don't care, but any guest might love this extra space to be able to do their makeup and fix their hair without juggling everything and having to constantly pick things up that probably rolled onto the floor.

Because the case is nice and rigid, you can also close one side and use the top of it for even more counter space. I love that so much. If you travel with kids, you can put their art supplies in one or small toys or other stuff they must have. Use one side for crayons and coloring books and the other for snacks. Whatever you want! They can use this in the back of the car, at restaurants and even on the plane to keep all their little stuff together while still giving them a place to play with it. 

The slimness of the case makes it easy to pack on top of your clothes in a normal carry-on. In fact, this carry-on is hardside and a bit smaller than my normal one and it fit either way I tried to put it in and wasn't bulky at all. It's a perfect layer that can work with shoes and other random items you don't put in the layer with your rolled clothes. Look at all that extra room!

So, why not use that extra room that ORGO gives your suitcase, too! I tucked my fave cardigan and a pair of fun flats into that space. Because of the ORGO's rigidity, strapping it down with the tie-downs in your bag won't smash any of your stuff inside and it won't lose it's shape at all. Plus, it's totally lightweight and any spills can just be wiped off with a damp cloth. ORGO is like the bathroom version of that large wooden cutting board you can use in a small kitchen to cover your sink to add extra counter space.

Keep everything you need always packed and move it from one bag to the next or from under your bathroom sink to your carry-on easily to make packing way less stressful and more fun. And if you had any other doubts about the coolness of ORGO, buyers, press and other Travel Goods Show attendees (like me!) named it first in Innovative Products for 2016. 

Other specs
Where to buy it: On ORGO's website
How much: $39.99
Size: 15.375” x 10.75" x 2.25" 
Colors it comes in: Black on Black | Paradise Pink | Green with Envy (shown)

If you're into ORGO as much as I am, be friends with them. Find them here:

Disclaimer: I was provided with the ORGO Lite for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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