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Saturday, March 12, 2016

What's Going On Around Here

Today I wanted to try a new kind of post. I've been road tripping to and from Vegas to attend the Travel Goods Show, meaning you will be getting a lot of reviews in the coming months of fantastic new products that are fun and innovative. So, I wanted to do a unique kind of list for you that's a bit more personal than my usual posts. You can tell me if you like it in the comments!

road trip thoughts

Making: Better time than I thought, until it got dark in the last three hours of my trip.

Drinking: As much water as I can, but also these fun Neuro Sonic drinks* that are carbonated and have infused vitamins to give you a boost.

Listening: I've got the Stephen Fry versions of the Harry Potter books to listen to on my trip and they really make the time fly by...plus, his Hagrid voice is perfect. In case you're looking for them, they are the UK versions of the books

Looking: There's so much road out here.

Wishing: Why aren't there more rest stops? I mean, 200 miles with nothing? Glad I'm not a kid with a tiny bladder.

Enjoying: You wouldn't think 17 hours in the car alone would be fun, but I liked it.

Wondering: Why do people insist on driving with their brights on, but not dimming them when they are coming right at you? Just why???

Considering: Making the trip again next year, but probably on the plane, since it will be in February and there will be more chance of snow.

Watching: My GPS, so it can get me through that last stretch on the way to Vegas.

Hoping: Don't you always hope you don't run out of gas, even when you know you have plenty? I also hoped the snowy spots didn't mean there would be ice on the road. 

Marvelling: There are some cool covered picnic tables on a beach outside of Reno. I might have to stop on the way back to really check it out.

Needing: A pick-me-up halfway through is a nice thing to have. Of course, a walk around a store also helps, too.

Smelling: Even though they're in a Ziploc bag, my whole car smells like onion bagels. Yum!

Wearing: A new stripey shirt from Columbia Sportswear and a pair of stretchy jeans from James Jeans.

Thinking: My road trip to Montana later this year is going to be fun, especially with the dog.

Buying: Snacks I don't need, but what's a road trip without a bunch of munchies, even if you brought plenty with you?

Disliking: That I stopped to use a restroom at a fast food place and made the mistake of also getting a burger and fries which made me super tired.

Feeling: I totally feel like an accomplished solo traveler by taking this road trip by myself.

Look at me even getting to ride the Monorail by myself!

*Neuro didn't pay me to say that I liked these drinks. I just happened to grab one at a gas station on my way and really enjoyed them. If Neuro were to send me a case of them, though, I would not say no. LOL!

So, what do you think? Would you like more posts like this randomly? If so, what would you like to see added to it?

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