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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cheeki Ready-to-Wear Undies For Faster Packing

I don't know about you, but I like to keep my travel bag packed with as many necessities as possible, so when I'm ready to travel, I only have to toss in my shoes and travel wardrobe (which obviously will be different, depending on where I'm going, so I can't keep everything packed like I would like). Having fresh undies in my bag at all times is on the top of my list and having new ones is always nice, but then you gotta wash the before you can wear them and they can get all musty hanging around in your carry-on. Cheeki, apparently, knows my pain.

For ladies that always like to have a spare pair in their purse, their car or their gym bag (and their carry-on), Cheeki has created adorable undies for ladies in different styles that are individually packaged and hermetically-sealed, so you can wear them immediately. You don't have to worry about who touched them at the store, because no one has ever touched them. They're clean and ready to wear right out of the pouch. 

I snagged a pair of the Frisky Business at the Travel Goods Show. These are one size fits most and have the most coverage. I wore them on my car ride back from Vegas. That amounted to a full 17 hours of sitting in the car, with a few pit stops for food and potty breaks. You know how a regular long day of sitting at your desk can make that situation down there.

I love the look of the Frisky Business bikini. They are soft and edged with lace. (You can get a similar bikini without lace, too.) Now, I don't know about you, but many times when you get lacy undies, they either create pantylines (boo to VPL!) or the lace has no give and cuts into your hips...or both. I had neither of these problems with Cheeki. In fact, they were so comfortable, it was like I has owned them for years, except the lace wasn't all stretched out and they didn't slide down the longer I wore them. They were like my second skin, but in a good way. 

Now, don't judge me, but after I finally made it home, I basically just fell into bed. I took two seconds to chuck off my jeans before burrowing under the covers and succumbing to sleep. That means I also slept in these undies. Even after a full 24+ hours, these didn't ride up on me either, even with moving around in bed during sleep. You'll be glad to know that I did get up and immediately throw them in the wash. After, they were just as awesome as when they came out of the bag. I'm a convert.

Okay, so here's what I will say regarding the sizing. These fit me perfectly. I generally will wear a size 6 or S/M in undies, so I'm not sure if they will fit "most". Anything larger than a Medium or 7 probably won't find these that comfortable or get the desired coverage. However, the other two style (the thongs and g-string) will probably fit more people who like less coverage.

So, no matter where you might need an extra pair of undies, or if you just like having brand new ones on hand when you travel or hit the gym, you don't have to keep your emergency pair in a zip top bag like you're carrying around your lunch. Invest in a pair (or seven) of Cheeki undies and carry them wherever you need them, because you never know what'd going to happen. The airline could lose your luggage (if you make the mistake of checking a bag). You could accidentally dump orange juice in your lap (this has totally happened to me). Your "friend" may come unexpectedly. You end up spontaneously spending the night somewhere. You name it and a spare pair could be a lifesaver.

Other specs
Where to purchase: On the Cheeki website
How much: $12/pair, with free shipping in the U.S.
Colors available: In classic black or blush (so they go under everything you own)
Fabric: Microfiber with 100% cotton lining
Styles: Frisky Business lace-lined bikini (shown) | Racy Lacy thong | Sleekini Bikini | Go-Go g-string | Minima thong 

I'm in love with this brand and this little packet and will definitely be getting more for my life. If you love this idea too, go buy your own pair or find them here:

Disclosure: I was given a pair of Cheeki undies for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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