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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lojel Nimbus: The Waterproof Carry-On

Living in Portland, there's a good chance you're going to leave the house and get poured on. It rains quite a bit here, which is why investing in a rain jacket is kind of a must. We don't let it get us down, or stop us from doing anything, even traveling. Unfortunately, if I'm waiting outside for my Uber or the MAX to get to the airport, my regular carry-on is going to get drenched. Considering most bags are fabric, ending up with a soggy carry-on is going to see some damp clothing and that's not exactly fun when you make it to your destination, especially if it results in gross smelling items that you then have to wash before you can wear them...or it ruins something important, like an electronic device. 

waterproof suitcase

Lojel has many innovative bags, but none caught my attention as much as the Nimbus waterproof roller bag. It is a flexible "hard"side bag with four spinner wheels that can help your trips go a lot smoother (see what I did there?), especially if you are headed to a rainy destination, like Portland or London. The bag claims to be rainproof for up to 6 hours, so I wanted to test it out in a ridiculous situation, because honestly, you probably aren't going to get caught out in the rain for 6 hours with your bag. 

waterproof carry-on

I grabbed a handful of towels and packed them in the bag, zipped it up and put it outside in the rain for 3 hours. It rained off and on and then the sun came out and I left it out there for another hour. The grass was a bit high, so it was covering the zipper on the bottom of the bag, keeping it wet the whole time.

waterproof carry-on

The rain puddled on the bag for a while before I dried it off and brought it inside. The leaves, grass and pollen just wiped off, leaving it looking brand new. I then unzipped it and checked all the towels and the inside of the waterproof zippers. It was cold, but the towels and every part of the bag inside was completely dry. Success! 

waterproof carry-on

The Nimbus is technically a hardside bag, but the shell has a bit of flex to it. It makes it lighter weight than other hardside bags. That outside is anti-scratch, so even after a bunch of travel, your bag doesn't look like you threw it down the stairs, which it could if you let the baggage handlers touch it. All the parts of the bag are watertight and the handles of the bag (including the top, side and telescopic pull handle) are all kinda squishy, which makes them good for the rainy weather and also for comfort. 

waterproof carry-on

The inside of the bag has two large compartments. One with the traditional tie-down straps (which are unique in their own right) and one with a zipper mesh pocket. You also get a little attached zipper pouch you can use for smaller items: jewelry, scarves, adapter plugs, belts. You know I love those little extras.

waterproof carry-on

Okay, let's talk about how I love these tie-down straps. For one, they aren't all separate, so you don't lose one under your carefully-packed clothing. Two, they are brightly colored, making them easy to see. Three, they have this fancy way to pull it tight and also loosen, which you can do/undo with just one hand, but it's still crazy effective. Easy luggage is the best!

I'm off to the beach in a few weeks, so I packed everything I'd need for two of us for a three-day weekend and still had room to spare. I packed undies, socks and toiletries in the top section and all our other clothing in the bottom section. You never know what the weather will be like, so I had to pack warm weather and cooler weather clothes for layering. There's always a large chance that there will be crazy wind and sideways rain on the Oregon coast, so this bag will be perfect.

waterproof carry-on

If you're one of the people who like to lock their bag, then this TSA-approved lock will be fantastic for you. Choose your own 3-digit code and click the zippers into the lock. The one-button release is easy as well, so you can quickly get to all your stuff. 

waterproof carry-on
photo credit: Lojel.com
Lojel rigorously tests all their products making sure they are bringing you the best travel bag possible. They've dropped, tumbled, picked up and zipped and unzipped this bag more than you probably ever will, so you know it's going to last you. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Now, I love the orange details on this bag. Nobody's going to see it and mistake it for their bag. It's really pretty to me, but if you are against a bit of a Halloween vibe, you can also get this bag in solid black. There might be other color options in the future. I'm looking forward to all the compliments I'm going to get on it though.

Other specs
Where to buy: On the Lojel website or Amazon
How much it is: $238+
Size: 21 3/4" x 14 1/2" x 9 1/4" (It is categorized as 19 1/2")
Other stuff: Double spinner wheels, just 5.7 lbs, has a 35L inside capacity, made of Advance polycarbonate (making it super strong), comes with a bag cover for storage at home.

Check out Lojel's other products, which you're going to love, and then follow them online:

Disclosure: I was provided with the Lojel Nimbus for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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