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Friday, April 1, 2016

Super Useful Travel Posts

Happy Friday! I've been seeing a lot of news about bad airplane etiquette and such, so I figured this month's Super Useful post would focus on how people make travel crappy for others, because they have no manners or don't know how to act in public. If you've seen something travel-related, or been on a plane or train when people were rude, inconsiderate or just plain annoying, link us or let us know in the comments.
Bachelor parties are fun, for those that are participating in them. For others, not so much. This party apparently got started before the group left home and ruined the flight for everyone on the plane. I guess getting a plane diverted and getting arrested is one way to have an awesome bachelor story. It might have been more fun to actually get there and party with the rest of the group though.
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Alright, I know there are people who see kids in the line to get on a plane and groan. Many, outwardly. I totally feel your pain when you see that they're already being bratty, but at least give them a chance to prove they can be good. Then, there's this whole plane of people who were so excited that a little kid who had an allergic reaction to a dog onboard was told he and his dad needed to get off the plane that they clapped. Uh, what? Why is this okay?

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You probably have a few stories about people you've flown with that you thought were the absolute worst. I certainly do, but that's for us who fly a few times a year. What if you flew everyday for your job? I bet then you'd have some insane stories. Flight attendants and pilots talk about their worst passengers.

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Just like with kids who are being rowdy at the gate, I can sometimes see people who I hope don't get on my flight, because they think they're the most important person in the world and must get on this flight and in first class and get treated like the Queen of England. Um, no. You aren't any more special than the rest of us and yelling at the poor airline crew for trying to do their job is uncalled for. Some rude passengers are being banned before they  even get on the plane. I'm okay with this.

Dang! What won't people do in public, just because they paid to sit there? I've never personally been on a flight with a "personal groomer" or some of these other people, but the fact that they exist (and enough for there to be a whole article about some of them) kinda makes me sad for mankind. How do you feel about any of these annoying plane passengers

And sometimes the flight attendants are the suck. I guess everyone can have a bad day.

This. Just this.

Hate taking off your shoes at airport security? This guy got mad and decided he would also take off everything else. I like that he was totally calm and didn't make a big deal of it. He just put it all in a bin, walked through the metal detector, then put it all back on and went on his way.

Not sure this is a good way to prove that you aren't a security risk, but at least she wasn't as committed as that other guy.

I can't even tell you how many times I've been in front of the screaming kid or the one kicking the back of the seat for the ENTIRE flight and asking the parents to do something resulted in no change. I now just try to sit in the back row if possible. But can you ask a parent to quiet their child on a plane? 

And sometimes flying, and the crew and the passengers are the best!

Here's to happy travels with cool people who know how to act in public (like all the people on that JetBlue flight)!

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