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Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: Cosmetic Organizer from Lewis N. Clark

When I travel, I'm always looking to get more organized and simplify. I mix and match my wardrobe for maximum wear, I take only two pair of shoes, I pare down my toiletries so I only take the necessary items. Lewis N. Clark is helping me organize my toiletries in style and letting me leave the ugly quart zip-top bag at home, too. Their Plaid Cosmetic Organizer is everything you need, especially when traveling solo.

This new toiletry bag is part of a new line they have put out this year and is equal parts classy and convenient. It consists of two parts that zip together. One side has a mesh front and the other has a polyurethane front for your liquids. You can easily see what's inside both compartments when it's opened flat and you can either unzip the liquids side to throw it in the security bin at TSA or just lay it flat in the bin, so security agents can see what's inside quickly. It totally eliminates having to also have that loose bag of liquids in your bag and looks a whole lot prettier.

Okay, so here's what I normally bring when I travel. I try to keep everything to small trial-size items when possible, so I can keep it simple and recycle any items I use up before I head home. It seems like a lot, but it would take up a lot more room in my bag if I brought bigger sizes. I decant my face scrub and moisturizer into smaller containers (like that second contact case), because I don't need a ton of it. Everything up there, except a couple items, is a necessity. Up in the right corner is my solid shampoo and a small sewing kit.

I put my liquids in one side and all the other items, like my toothbrush, in the mesh side and everything fit inside with room to spare. This is great, because sometimes I add things last-minute or I find items on my trip to take home that needs to go in a 3-1-1 (liquids) bag. When you're getting ready in the morning, you can quickly find the things you need.

Only need your brush or medication? Unzip the organizer and just take the half you need. You don't have to use it just for makeup or toiletries either. Often, I carry a bag with my cords and adapters. This would be a perfect way to organize those things and keep them together. You can also keep small travel necessities inside, such as your passport, eye mask, pen and other things you'll use on your flight. Got kids? Store small toys, crayons, snacks or their electronics in this. It really has endless uses and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The two halves are held together at the top by a magnetic closure. Each side is wider at the bottom than at the top, so it's difficult to pack it so much that the magnets don't catch. This makes it easy to hold onto as well. The fabric on the outside is a subtle plaid that is soft to the touch. You'll definitely get some compliments from other travelers. I also love the top zippers of the organizer. It doesn't just zip across the top, but starts and ends a little bit around the sides, meaning you can open it wide to get at things even in the bottom. Other similar bags make it difficult to get your hand inside the bag and you end up having to dump everything out to reach all the items packed into it.

I'm really excited for my next trip to be able to take this fantastic little bag set with me and use it for different things. It's classic looking and will serve many uses on my future trips, including a toiletry bag when I travel on my own (which is becoming more frequent). Of course, if you travel as a couple and need a little more room, having two of these probably won't take up much more space in your bag than your traditional toiletry kit.

Want to pick up one of your own? Of course you do. I love that these are not girly, so they are perfect for a man or a woman (and don't forget that Mother's Day is just next week!). 

Other specs
Where to buy it: On Lewis N. Clark website
How much it costs: $24.99
Size: 7.5in x 8.5in x 3.5in
Colors it comes in: Beige/Mint

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the Lewis N. Clark Cosmetic Organizer for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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