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Saturday, October 29, 2016

New Orleans Food in Pictures (part 2)

On Wednesday, I started in on our dining experiences in New Orleans. I had so many middle of the road experiences, that I'm not sure I could say there was much to rave about food-wise on our trip. This is sad to me, because I love food and I often remember trips through dining experiences. 

Sushi Brothers in the Garden District: Great service and really fresh (and large) portions

As I said before, we chose our food based on many different factors, so I don't feel like I have only myself to blame. Usually, my research and use of reviews to pick places to eat serves me better than it did this trip.

Sucre Salon in the French Quarter: I indulged in afternoon tea, while Eric chose from the lunch menu

Tea was good, though had way too many sweet options. Eric had the muffaletta and would have eaten it every day

Revolution Kitchen in French Quarter: We picked this because Groupon. Service was horrible.

Eric ordered the etouffee, which he said was decent. I got the fried catfish. The potatoes were the best part.

Hard Rock Cafe on Bourbon: One of the better meals we had, but I know what I'm getting when I go there

Waffles on Maple in Garden District: This was a bit far out, but it was a fun ride on the
Streetcar. We both got this waffle with mushrooms, eggs and cheese, called the Heart Attack
for some reason. It was good. I also ordered an ice coffee, which gave me a weird allergic
reaction, so I didn't get to drink it. On the bright side, Starbucks was two doors down.
Avenue Cafe in Garden District: This breakfast was THE BEST thing I ate all week. 

Prices were good, service was awesome and foods are natural and organic where available. Ordered Orleans ice
coffee, breakfast croissant and the bagel and lox. It's right on St. Charles Street.

Oceana in French Quarter: THIS is the place to go for seafood. The crab cake was the best one I've ever had

If  you've been to New Orleans, I'd love to know where you ate that you thought was worth another visit.

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