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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Review: Zensah Even Stripes Compression Socks

As a traveler, I often find myself on long flights and walking all day long. I have poor circulation in my hands and feet, which is not normally a huge problem, unless its winter or I’m on my feet all day pounding the pavement. I’m also short, so my feet don’t always touch the floor on planes if I’m all the way back in my seat. I’ve been on a flight to London where I was unable to wear the shoes I had on the plane the whole rest of the trip. I’ve taken to bringing wide shoes where I can, but a better solution would be if my feet and ankles didn’t swell at all.

travel with compression socks

Compression socks are becoming more mainstream lately, but it’s still hard to find ones that aren’t boring that you would actually want to wear, instead of looking like an elderly person trying to dress cool. Zensah has swooped in and fixed this problem for those of us who need compression socks. They make their socks in several designs, colors and heights, so whether you’re a man or a woman, you need plain or funky socks, you’ll find something that works for you.

I had the opportunity to test out some of their stripey compression socks on my trip to New Orleans, where I was walking all day long and was on the plane for 6 hours each way. While it was very hot during the day and didn’t lend itself to wearing anything more on my feet than breathable shoes and sandals, I still used them at my destination. After a long day of walking their hilly streets – because they are seriously like walking a treadmill with all the broken sidewalks and tree roots trying to be free – I found myself with heat rash on my legs, plus swollen feet and ankles. As soon as I got back to my room, I put my Zensah compression socks on to chill out and sleep in.

potato feet :(

I was a bit skeptical that they would actually help, but if you remember the review I did on their coffee socks, which kept my feet warm and cozy, plus odor-free on my Vegas trip, then you probably have high hopes for these. Well, that’s good, because they work! You can feel the tingle of them massaging your legs while you have them on, getting your blood flowing the way it should. I enjoyed that my feet and legs felt supported, but not hot, which is normally what prevents me from wearing socks to bed.

Look! I do have ankles!

The toe box is looser, so you don’t feel like your foot is in a straightjacket, but it’s snug where you need the help. When I went to bed, my feet looked like potatoes (pretty, right?) and when I got up after wearing my compression socks all night, they looked normal. You can see the difference in the two photos above. My heat rash was much, much better as well. I spared you that picture, because it was not cool.

With how awesome my legs and feet felt in these socks, I was sad to take them off. Also, look at these fun colors! I’m ready for Halloween (and Thanksgiving, and Fall in general). My legs didn’t hurt while wearing them and I could feel them helping my swollen legs immediately. I hoped that it wasn’t just because I wanted them to work so bad and my legs and feet were a mess, but no, they actually helped.

Know what else is awesome? The breathable fabric may be snug against your legs and feet, but it is moisture-wicking, so you don’t get all sweaty. They are also odor-resistant, so you’ll never have that gross stinky foot smell, even after wearing them all day long. You won’t be that offensive shoe-off person on the plane that makes everyone swear under their breath about recycled air that smells like feet.

Even after taking these socks off and putting them back on days in a row, they still fit just as well the last time as the first time, never sliding down my leg like a lot of long socks can do. If you’re wearing them for hours, you’ll probably notice that you have sock line under your knees, but the wider band minimizes this. These socks aren’t restrictive at all and don’t cut off your circulation near your knees like others might. They are snug, but they aren’t tight.

Overall, I think these are going to be a must in my carry-on, as the coffee socks are to keep me warm when I’m puttering around in the room after a busy day. As someone who finds that their ankles and feet swell to the point that not all shoes fit properly, these are a necessity. They’re also wonderful if you have general circulation problems. Long flights can cause blood clots in your legs from them dangling for hours on end, so if you can’t get up and walk around, these are the next best thing. They’ll keep your blood flowing and hopefully keep your legs from falling asleep in the limited space you have to stretch out.

Other details
Where can I buy them? On Zensah website or Amazon
How much are they? $29.99 per pair
What colors do they come in? brown/orange (shown) | navy/red | gray/black | they also come in solid colors, argyle, flowers and chevron.
Bonus specs: Polyamide and spandex, made in Italy, fit men sizes 4-12.5 and women 5-14.

Have you used compression socks on your travels?

Want to engage with Zensah? Find them on:

Disclaimer: I was provided with a pair of Zensah compression socks for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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