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Monday, October 10, 2016

Review: Travelon's Anti-Theft Heritage Small Crossbody Bag

I've just gotten back from New Orleans, you guys. It was a whirlwind week packed full of tours, beignets and lots and lots of walking. I took several new bags on my trip, all of which helped me in a different way. Travelon released four new lines this year, which is crazy. One of the bags I carried each day was the new small Heritage Crossbody Bag that has all the anti-theft features you love, packed in a smaller bag that holds all your everyday items at home and beyond.

Travelon anti-theft bag

The new crossbody bag comes in a new neutral color palette, one of which is this lovely denim color that goes wonderfully with all my usual travel pieces, because blue is a color I enjoy wearing and tend to pack heavily. Jeans are also a staple of my travel wardrobe, because a nice stretchy pair work well on the plane and look great with any top I pack when the weather is a bit cooler in the evenings.

Here I am in the creepy hallway of our hotel, getting ready to head out for a day of sightseeing in the Big Easy. (It was almost always empty and kind of made me think I'd be seeing something scary anytime I went out there alone.) But, let's talk about the insides of this bag before we go off on a tangent and also get to the security aspects.

The Heritage Crossbody has three different compartments. The main compartment and the front both have locking zippers. This back zippered pocket, that lays against your body, does not. It would be very difficult for someone to open it without you realizing it, plus it's not large enough for more than a few items you want to keep easily accessible. This is where I stashed some mints, gum, a tinted lip balm and my metal card holder that has things like my ID and health insurance cards.

Inside the main compartment, there are several great pockets to keep things organized, including this large zipper pocket that is RFID blocking, so it's perfect for your passport and travel docs (like your boarding pass). I love the large zipper pulls, too. They are sturdy and ergonomically-designed. They make me feel like they were purposeful in the design process instead of just an afterthought, like some zipper pulls are, feeling cheap, flimsy and angular. They feel good on your fingers. (Is that weird sounding? Sorry, not sorry!)

This main compartment is lovely and holds quite a bit, despite it's size. The Heritage bag is small, but mighty, in my opinion. I was able to get a lot more in the bag than what I started with here (because, if you're like me, you end up picking up a bunch of random brochures, trinkets and small souvenirs while you're traveling). Here's what I originally packed in this little bag:  

Here you'll see my phone, phone clip-on lenses, my keys, business cards, back-up battery, compact, tissues, gum and my "necessities" bag that has sunscreen, lotion, lady products, allergy pills, aspirin, bandages and other small bits and pieces.

Ever try to find something in your bag and can't because it's too dark? Travelon hates that, so, just like with all their bags, they include this handy dandy pinch light to help you out. You never know how convenient this is until you don't have one. It comes attached to a leash clip. I use this to keep my business cards at hand, but have also used it in other bags for my rental car keys. You know, things that have a habit of falling all the way to the bottom of your purse, no matter what size it is, but you need often and end up rummaging like a bag lady. 

How often do you need a pen and can't find one? Urg! I'll write down your number or those directions in a minute. Wait! I know I have a pen here somewhere! Stop digging and just pull your pen (which is a must-have item no matter where you go) out of this fancy pen compartment. Voila! You're always prepared!

The front zipper compartment is my favorite part of this bag. It has large pockets to hold money, small electronics and other things you need. The pockets are also RFID blocking, so this is the perfect place for your credit cards. I used it for this, but also for my streetcar pass and any cards I picked up along the way. 

Also, can we talk about the lovely striped lining? I love it! It makes for a fun surprise when you open the bag and easier to find things inside.

Okay, onto the other fun and functional security features. The main two compartments, as I mentioned earlier, have locking zippers. They are super easy to use, which has been a deterrent in me using them much in the past. This front compartment conveniently zips from the bottom, so you don't have to fuss with it to actually clip it closed. This was really useful to me, because you can open it up, get out what you need, and smoothly zip it closed and clip it with the locking mechanism in one easy move. 

You never look like you're using security measures, because there's no fumbling. The same can be said for the top zipper. Keep your stuff away from thieves by locking that zipper as well. These cute little D-rings are not in your face and they are integrated into the details of the bag as well.

Look how nice your bag looks, even while locked to keep out pickpocketing fingers.

Like all your other anti-theft Travelon bags, you have a great slash-proof body and reinforced strap. One end has a security clip, which takes a little extra effort to open. Want to put your purse next to you when you're at the restaurant, but afraid someone might scoop it up and run off? Open the clip, wrap the strap through either the chair arm/back or the table leg and then clip closed. It's a lot harder to be a purse snatcher when a chair comes with the bag you grab. The reinforced strap always makes me feel safer, because not only can it not be slashed through, but that means if someone tries to rip the bag off my shoulder, they're going to take me with it instead of the strap just snapping like a regular purse might. 

The slash-proof body means nobody can get one over on you by slicing into the bottom and shaking your purse contents into their waiting hands. The strap is wide enough to be comfortable, plus it adjusts enough for anyone to wear as a crossbody, but you can also carry it as a regular shoulder bag. I love that. 

My mom saw this bag before I left for my trip and already declared she wants to take it on her next trip, so it's definitely getting a beating this month. After a whole week of tossing it around and putting it on the floor of restaurants, it still looks just like new. In fact, the only thing that seemed to stick to it was powdered sugar from all the beignets (honestly, one beignet has as much sugar as "all" the beignets). I wiped it down with a damp cloth and it was good as new. It feels broken  in, like your favorite jeans, but it's definitely not worn. 

The details are a suede and give it a little more character. The only thing you may find a problem with is that it's not water-resistant as their other bags tend to be, but I didn't have any issues, even when the rain showed up.

Other Features:
Where can I get it? Travelon online or Amazon
How much is it? $50 at Travelon | $39.99 at Amazon
Colors it comes in: Oatmeal | Indigo (shown) | Pewter | Wine
How big is it? Size: 9.75" x 7.75" x 2.5"
Other specs: Strap Drop Length: 13" – 25", cotton canvas with suede details

Don't forget that the holidays are coming, so if you have anyone on your list that travels or loves a smaller bag, the price-point is right for a fantastic gift. In fact, get one for yourself while you're at it!

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Disclaimer: I  received the anti-theft Heritage Small Crossbody Bag from Travelon for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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