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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

While I probably have some fun pics to share today, I thought you all might have missed a few posts in my 31 Days of Halloween series this month, so I've rounded them up for you to check out the ones you didn't see. You can look forward to costume pics tomorrow!

31 days of halloween posts

Day 31: Sometimes Snapchat's face swap produces a terrifying thing (even if it's still hilarious).
Day 30: Black cats, ladders and broken mirrors have nothing on these superstitions from around the world.
Day 29: If haunted houses are too tame for you, maybe this horrifying virtual reality experience will do it for you. {Looks like this has been shut down due to complaints from mental health advocates.}
Day 28: Is there anything scarier than doing something that would land you in a foreign jail? I think not! {Looks like my husband would be less than welcome in Sri Lanka.}
Day 27: With its history, hauntings, and notorious hell raisers, the South knows how to celebrate Halloween. Do it right!
Day 26: Some museums are just plain weird. Which ones would you go to? {My answer to that question is the Museum of Bad Art, the International UFO Museum and the Mutter Museum <not listed>}
Day 25: Do you have the guts to stay in any of the world's most haunted hotels? Have you stayed at any yet?
Day 24: Visiting Niagara Falls? Try not to die. For real.
Day 23: Does no cell phone reception sound terrifying to you? This bar blocks your signal so you can enjoy your drinks and company.
Day 22: Flight crew give away some of the airline industries deepest, darkest secrets. Don't drink the water!
Day 21: What is the most dangerous selfie you've ever taken? This lady took it to a whole new level. (At least she didn't fall off a cliff and die though.)

Day 20: Do you need outside help with not murdering your partner on vacation? Now there's a hotline for you.
Day 19: You can spend the night in a real ghost town, and it's super cheap!
Day 18: Who likes creepy stories? These from lost and abandoned civilizations will give you the chills!
Day 17: Got a solo vacation planned to one of these 5 destinations? Better think again, because you may not make it back.
Day 16: Thoughts on haunted places? Have you ever seen a ghost? Maybe you will here.
Day 15: Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins. Here are the best pumpkin farms in America. Are you super jealous that I could go to Roloff Farms? {And disappointed that I've never been?}
Day 14: Did you know there was a hide-and-seek championship? Or an Italian ghost town? {note, I totally want to do this.}
Day 13: Flight delays. The horror! These are the worst airports for them.
Day 12: Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. Gross! How to spot the tell-tale signs of these nasties.
Day 11: Do you use astrology to live your life? The stars have aligned for your sign's perfect fall trip.

Day 10: Leaf peeping is upon us! Get some inspiration here.
Day 9: Ack! Check out these shocking confessions from travel pros that make you think about the way you travel.
Day 8: Find out the seven tech travel dangers you should know about and how to protect yourself. 
Day 7: You  know what's scary? Making these 10 rookie mistakes and missing out on a flight deal.
Day 6:  Halloween calls for magic, and these forests from around the world will make you believe in it.
Day 5: Terrorists ruined this lady's shopping trip. How inconsiderate! You can hate her too, now.
Day 4: Eeek! 11 Worst travel nightmares and how to make them go away. See the fixes on Budget Travel.

Day 3:  This haunted B&B is said to sit on a portal to hell. Would you stay there?

Day 2: What are your favorite easy, but creative costumes for Halloween? See Part 2 here.

Day 1: Packable costumes are a thing. Save room in your carry-on for necessities instead. See part 1 here.

I hope you all are having a great night and enjoying all the fun Halloween has to offer. And candy! Don't forget the candy.

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