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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

How Are You Feeling?

It's been a while since I've done a "what's going on" post, where I tell you all the things I'm liking/hating/looking forward to. I think I'm going to start doing these each time I'm on a trip, because it's pretty awesome in getting a really quick feel for a place and my state of mind there or getting there. 

my feelings on new orleans

Here's my "what's going on" for New Orleans, where I'm attending the Travel Goods Show and doing some sightseeing with my mom. You can follow along with my travel on Instagram.

Making: New connections at the Travel Goods Show. 

Drinking: A lot of water, chicory coffee, and (limited) happy hour drinks.

Listening: I've gotten back into podcasts. I'm binging all the McElroy casts, mostly the new episodes of The Adventure Zone, which is a D&D RPG hybrid podcast the three brothers do with their dad. Even if you don't like D&D, but you like funny dudes and great storylines, it's definitely one to try. I'm on Graduation, but I highly recommend going back and starting from the beginning with their first campaign. And if that doesn't sound like your jam, but you do like terrible advice shows, check out My Brother My Brother And Me. (MBMBaM is legit NSFW.)

Looking: I'm checking out new travel goods and in between looking at historic buildings.

Wishing: Wishing I had a bit more time in town to see and eat more things. 

Enjoying: All the historic buildings everywhere you look and the beautiful splashes of color.

Wondering: Why some people need to spend their entire plane ride drinking. The whole row of people behind us on the plane were rowdy and drinking all the alcohol. I was a bit surprised that none of them got sick during our very turbulent turbulence. 

Watching: Mostly people. We saw an impromptu parade coming back from dinner.

Hoping: I can get a last-minute reservation at Commanders Palace for lunch.

Marvelling: At the fact that people find that during a time of massive turbulence is the perfect time for getting up and rooting around in the overhead bin. Plus side, a woman across the aisle and I had a mutual eye roll moment. (My personal opinion is the overhead is to remain closed unless there's an emergency. All your necessary items should be on you or in a bag under your seat. Nobody wants a butt in their face or a bag falling on their head.)

Needing: A few more days here to see the sights. Guess I'll have to come back.

Smelling: So many pralines and also boiling crawfish.

Wearing: My Arcopedico Mary Janes and Aerosoles sandals to keep my feet happy.

Thinking: There are way too many bad neck pillows that are very similar and/or very bad.

Buying: Duh. Beignets. What else?

Disliking: I'm sorry, I can't like jambalaya. I want to, but I just can't.

Feeling: Full from all the delicious foods here.

Obviously, I'll be writing a lot more about this trip, but wanted to a bit of a departure from the norm this week. What are your favorite things about New Orleans?

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