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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How To Get Through Lockdown with Your Sanity

With everything happening in the world amid the Covid-19 pandemic and everything shutting down or with reduced access/hours, it can be hard to think about travel at all. While you can't get out and see the world like you want to, it doesn't mean you can't plan for your next trip while you're stuck in the house catching up on every show ever made that you have access to.

Learn a new language

Eventually, you're going to travel again, and when you do, you want to be prepared. This is the perfect time to learn a new language for that dream vacation you plan to take at some point. Check out this list of apps that you could be using right now to learn to speak another language or brush up on one you might have forgotten a bit of.  

Get some new travel goodies

I'll be working on some travel product reviews in the coming weeks. Since your trips are being postponed right now, you aren't spending money there. Sure, you're going to want to save most of that for your next trip(s), but if you've been hoping to get some new gadgets, goodies, clothing or whatnot to make them better, this is the time to do it and also support some smaller businesses. 

Stock your travel bag

I'm using this time to test out a ton of new items, but also to put all that best stuff in my bag for my upcoming trips. Get travel-ready by putting together a complete toiletry bag with all your necessities. This is also the time to get a few extra things you enjoy, like some fantastic undies that you can keep in your carry-on. This is especially important if you hate packing or you're prone to forgetting crucial things, like socks or a toothbrush.

Book things for late summer/early fall travel

You're going to be seeing some really low prices for things like airfare, vacation packages, and cruises, but you want to be careful before you decide to jump on those, because there's no telling how long this travel ban and lockdowns will last. If you already have travel plans that are going to fall through (I have at least one trip that isn't going to be happening), know that airlines and hotels are doing their best to allow you to change your plans with ease. Don't screw yourself by making new plans that might fall through, too.

Make a plan for your next vacation

While you're stuck at home, it's a great time to let yourself think about future trips and plan your next one really well. I mean, it's not like you have much else to do besides your piles of laundry and dishes. Get online and really dig into your chosen destination. You can figure out what you want to do the most and ask friends on social media for their best tips and suggestions. It'll really help you figure out a budget, too. Make a plan for how you will save money to pay for your amazing trip.

Purchase gift cards for future you

Future you is going to travel. If you've got money that you want to spend on travel, but you can't right now, because nobody can, put that money into gift cards for things like hotels, airlines, Airbnb, Disney or whatever. You'll be supporting travel businesses and will be setting yourself up for easier travel later in the year.

Virtually tour some museums

A lot of museums and zoos and aquariums and some National Parks are giving virtual tours and streaming right now. If you've really got cabin fever, this is a great way to get a little out of your head and enjoy the world from your couch. There are also a bunch of other cool things you can learn about online, concerts you can watch, and even learn to cook with a Michelin-star chef! Along with learning a new language, you can inject some international flavor into your life and feel like you're on a mini vacay.

Take a rad staycation

You kind of don't have a choice in the matter now. You can sit on your butt and be sad about life and your state-imposed exile, or you can make the most of it by making your time at home into a staycation. Get out in your yard and watch a movie on a screen or sheet, order take-out for a picnic, throw a mini destination party with your family, break out your tent and camp outside, or even book a few nights into an Airbnb, because they still want your business.

Take a photo walk

Getting outside and taking a walk or a bike ride isn't out of the question. In fact, you'll still be socially responsible while also getting fresh air and exercise. Bring along your camera or snap some with your phone and rediscover your town.

All of these are more fun than just sitting on your couch and complaining about all the things you can't do. What are you most looking forward to during your time of Social Distancing?

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