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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Review: The Travelon Seat Pack Organizer

The Travelon booth at the Travel Goods Show this year was packed with a bunch of new and awesome products. As a blogger, I have the privilege of going home with a media bag with some of the new or popular products for the year. Travelon always includes some great products, but this organizer is one of my favorites, because I hate it when I get on the plane and have to rummage in my bag to pull out the things I want on my flight, but this keeps it all together and, as the name implies, organized.

The Seat Pack Organizer from Travelon has three sections and a slim profile, so it's easy to slip into your bag, and then pull out when you get to your seat.

The Seat Pack Organizer has three sections and a slim profile, so it's easy to slip into your bag, and then pull out when you get to your seat. This bag is perfect for people with kids, for keeping all your electronics at hand, or for those that don't want to stuff anything in the seatback pocket. I get it.

On the front of the organizer, you have two zipper pockets. They run the length of the bag and go all the way down. This bag seems small, but it actually holds a lot of things. 

The back of the bag is a full zippered compartment that is clear, so you can keep your tablet, iPad or other electronic in there. You can fully use the touchscreen through the plastic, and it also keeps it protected from spills. (You never know when turbulence will cause weird accidents.) You'll find two loops on this organizer: One of the top and one on the side. This allows you hang it on the tray table hook and watch or play vertically or horizontally. 

If you aren't watching a show or playing a game, you can flip your organizer around and have everything else right at your fingertips (in fact, I would store it this way instead of stuffing into your seatback pocket, because those are dirty and gross). I packed this the way I would for my flights, but if you have kids, you could throw in crayons, cars, sticker books, snacks. 

I was actually surprised that even with what I put inside, there was still room for more, so that it made finding items really easily. Inside I included my passport, a pen (for crosswords and customs forms), a package of tissues, lip balm, my earbuds, battery back-up, and phone cord. These are all the things I like to have throughout my flights, so having them all in one place will make my trips way more convenient and I won't have to pretzel myself to get able to get into my bag under my seat unless absolutely necessary. 

For those of you with kids, you can have their coloring supplies in one place and can hang their loaded tablet on the seat back, so they have their own little theater at their seat. Pair with a set of bluetooth headphones and they'll be set for a good portion of the flight. And if they want to play games, this is great, because it's protected from spills and crumbs from snackage. 

I know we aren't really traveling right now, but some of us are still going to work and some of  us are taking road "trips" just to get out of the house and see outside. And, eventually, we will travel again, and I'm looking forward to those days already. So, in this time of self-isolation and lockdown and social distancing, let's get our travel bags straight. That way, when we do travel, we'll be super ready.

Also, this makes a fantastic gift for the traveler or commuter in your life. Mother's Day, Father's Day and graduations are coming up, so why not get them a super convenient gift that will make their travels easier. Even if they don't fly that much, they can use this on the train or in the car on road trips.

More info:
Where can I buy it: On the Travelon website (sorry, this looks to be out of stock at the moment) | On Amazon
How much is it? $15
What colors does it come in? Black | Gray Heather (shown) | Peacock Teal
Other specs: 10. 75" x 8" x 1", the rear panel allows the gadgets to be fully accessible while in the organizer

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the Seat Pack Organizer for the purposes of sharing it with my readers. All opinions are 100% my own. **This post contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase through it, I may be compensated. This helps me keep this blog running and I'm grateful for all your support. 

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