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Saturday, March 7, 2020

The 2020 Travel Goods Show

So, I'm headed back from the Travel Goods Show in New Orleans, and I've got a lot product recommendations and reviews coming at you, but for now I wanted to give you a peek of some of the cool products I saw. If you're following my Instagram, you may have seen a bunch of these already, or you may have missed them in my stories.
Unfortunately, the Coronavirus made travel pretty impossible for a lot of people, so the show was smaller this year and pretty quiet. For me, personally, that was great, because I didn't need to make any appointments and could just walk into booths to speak to merchants.
Standley, from Denmark, is a company that makes wonderful bags. Their motto is 'Watch more sunsets', and they made a bag to do just that. It has a stand that pulls out, and a seat pad that attaches so you can sit comfortably and enjoy wherever you are. They also have great cooler bag for picnics.

Ever find your keys to be big and bulky? Keysmart turns them into a sort of Swiss Army knife. They even have one equipped with Tile for those that often lose their keys.

So many hotels have crummy lighting in the bathroom. Riki from Glamcor makes awesome makeup mirrors of all sizes with built-in lighting that you can adjust to different levels for your preference. This one us carry-on perfect, allowing you to mix and match your favorite palette pieces inside
Have I told you about YaY Novelty? These bags do great things and also look great. Each bag purchased gives money to Cambodian genocide survivors. I've used these for groceries, shopping, extra stuff coming back from trips, laundry, and even gift bags. So cute and versatile!
Pocketalk is one of the coolest products out there for world travelers. It translates 74 languages, converts currency, and fits right in any pocket!

This revamped boarding bag from Walter + Ray is not only chic, but so useful. Slip your flight accessories inside and you're ready to fly!

I met the lovely folks from True Dark, who make stylish blue light-reducing eyewear. They help reduce eyestrain and also help you sleep better when you might experience jet lag. They come in three different levels for different light and times of day, and each come in styles that will suit everyone's face.

Sick of packing your own 3-1-1 bag? Travel Pakt allows you to customize your bag with natural brands, them they put it all together in a flight compliant bag and ship it off to you. Boom! Ready to go!

This isn't all the cool stuff I brought back, tested, or will be reviewing, but it's a good sampling. What products are your travels lacking?

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