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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

How To Choose Who To Go Travelling With

If you’re spending quarantine planning your next big adventure, whether a road trip or a luxury hotel visit, you might be wondering who to take with you. Travel can be a test of a friendship or a relationship, and no matter how well you get on with someone at home, that can all change when you’re sharing a hotel room. Here’s to choose the right travel companion. 

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Choose Someone With Common Interests

If your idea of a good vacation is exploring the local area and checking out museums, you need a travel buddy who enjoys the same things. If your vacation companion would rather stretch out by the pool all day, you’re likely to have arguments about what to do, and end up getting on each other’s nerves. 

Choose someone who enjoys the same things as you, or at least someone you are happy to compromise with and take it in turns to choose different activities. Before you agree to go away with someone, check out some travel advice for the area you’re thinking about visiting and make sure there’s something for both of you there. 

Discuss Your Budget

Everyone has different ideas about what is reasonable to spend while you’re on a vacation, and it’s important to discuss the limits before you go. If you have more disposable income than your friend and like to treat yourself to expensive dinners and cocktails while you’re away, you’re going to fall out with a travel buddy on a tighter budget who prefers to seek out a bargain meal. Have a chat about budget first and agree on what you’re willing to spend when you’re out together. You can always take yourself out without them if you’re looking for a pricier treat. 

Match Your Personalities

The fastest way to fall out is to head off on vacation with someone too different from yourself. If you like to plan everything in minute detail, you’ll definitely end up annoying a free-wheeling friend who prefers to just head out and see where the day takes them. Make sure you choose travel companion who you have lots in common with, feel comfortable with, and are able to talk to for hours a day without running out of things to say. 

If you go with someone who has a similar personality to you, you’re more likely to agree on what you want to do, where you want to go, and be able to spend all that time together without finding one another irritating. 

Avoid going away with anyone who is too opposite to you. At home, their zen-like approach to life might be a great counter-balance to your talkative, excitable nature, but if you’re together for an extended period without a break, these differences of personality can easily lead to clashes. 

Choosing the right person to travel with is important if you want to have a good time together and still be the same good friends when you come home. Much like living together, enjoying each other’s company socially is not a guarantee of success. 

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