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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Best Destinations for LGBT+ Travelers

Happy Pride Month, everyone! As a person who travels to learn new things and meet new people, I want everyone to be able to travel safely and enjoy the world. I also know that there are places that are better than others when it comes to inclusivity, If you're an LGBTQIA traveler, this can be pretty obvious upon arrival. I'd love you all to be able to visit destinations that welcome everyone warmly, so I've found two infographics that show domestic and international places to put at the top of your travel list.

NerdWallet has pulled together the top 10 American Cities where there is a considerable LGBT+ community. I'm very proud to live in Portland, where there is a wide diversity of people, and there is a lot of tolerance for differences between them. We have a lot of Allies as well, and our Pride celebrations are always amazing.

NomadCapitalist looked at a lot of different metrics and facts to bring the 10 most inclusive countries outside of the U.S., because everyone wants to travel the world. There's no reason to stay home where you know you'll be accepted when there's a whole world out there. Here are the top 10 countries to choose from, where there is a large list of options for the gay community (nightclubs, bars, etc), based on how comfortable it would be to move there permanently.

While I'm not part of the LGBT community, I am an ally and want to go to inclusive destinations as well. I feel like everyone should feel safe being themselves wherever they go, but I know there are places that don't feel that way, based on who people love, what they look like, or what gender they are. When we live and travel with open minds and hearts, we can really learn more about ourselves and others.

Have you been to a wonderfully inclusive destination on your travels?

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