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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Cool Things About Mount Fuji

Last week we took a staycation to Mt. Fuji in Japan, and we've been planning a big trip to Japan in the next 10 years, where we will visit Mt. Fuji, explore Tokyo, and even hit up Tokyo Disney. So, why is Mt. Fuji so attractive to visitors? 

Mount Fuji Infographic

Here are a few more cool facts: The distinctive cone shape of Mt. Fuji is very unusual for a volcano. Not only is it beautiful, but it's actually very climbable for even novice hikers. It can take 4-8 hours to hike to the top, meaning you can totally do it if it's on your travel wish list. It's free to trek the mountain, but donations are very welcome to help with conservation. And my last cool fact is that Samurai warriors used it for a training ground. Awesome! 

Is Japan and/or Mount Fuji on your travel list?

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