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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Exploring Pyramids Around the World + 10 Travel Tips

A few weeks ago, we took a staycation to Egypt to explore the pyramids and take a Nile river cruise. It lit a fire in me to really plan a trip to Cairo and surrounding areas, because it has been on my trip wish list for a long time, but seeing how truly unique and beautiful it is really pulled me in. Egypt isn't the only place with pyramids, but it is the most known. Check out all the other places with pyramids and then learn some tips on traveling within Egypt. 

If you plan to visit Egypt, here are 10 tips for visiting: 
  1. You will need an entry visa - This will cost $25 at the airport, and it will need to be paid in cash (not in local currency).
  2. Agree on  prices ahead of time - You can haggle on pretty much everything, so make sure to agree on prices, especially on things like taxi rides and tours.
  3. Don't hesitate - Walk confidently across the street, because traffic can be crazy and hesitating is not your friend.
  4. Carry tissues or toilet paper with you - Many places don't have toilet paper, including busy places like airports. Make sure you are prepared.
  5. Carry cash/change - Tipping is expected almost everywhere, for everything. 
  6. Don't feel pressured - You'll feel like you're getting the hard sell on a lot of things. First off, learn the phrase "La, shoukran", meaning "no thank you". You can also leave a small tip for demonstrators to show your appreciation.
  7. Get travel insurance - It's highly recommended to have insurance if you're traveling in Egypt.
  8. Dress conservatively - Egypt is primarily Muslim, so cover up more than you normally would in a hot climate. It will also help protect you against the desert conditions. Think Indiana Jones: long pants and long sleeves (at least no tank tops). Columbia Sportswear and other outdoor clothiers sell lightweight clothing that's moisture-wicking and embedded UPF to keep you from burning in the blazing sun.
  9. Use Uber - Uber is a great mode of transportation, plus you pay by the app and you have a price set up-front. It relieves you of haggling one place. Just make sure you double-check your car and driver before getting in. 
  10. Smoking is allowed - People can smoke everywhere, pretty much. Don't be surprised by this. If it greatly bothers you, this might not be a destination for you. If you can tolerate it, expect to do laundry, or carry a spray bottle with plain vodka in it to spritz clothing. As it evaporates, it removes odors like smoke. Since it doesn't have it's own smell, you won't go around reeking of booze.

Is Egypt on your wish list? If so, what do you most look forward to seeing?

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