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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Street Art is Free Art

I love nothing more than an excellent mural or a street performer. You never know what you'll find around town, so keep your eyes peeled for cool stuff just waiting to be discovered. A lot of cities are partnering with local artists on beautification projects, so this is more and more common in downtown areas.

While we're not traveling, you can still be a tourist in your own city, which can help you learn more about where you live and also give you a feeling of being on vacation. One of my favorite things in London is all the different neighborhoods with different vibes. We have some of the best times just walking around looking at street art. 

Portland has become more and more of a hotbed for street artists. There are tons of murals on buildings, walls, fences, and even electrical boxes. The same can be said for many other cities, including Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Seattle, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. It's a cheap travel activity and you're not confined to an art gallery. Most cities even have a ton of sculptures scattered around. 

I always look out for street art, cool graffiti, and other artwork whenever I walk or ride through a neighborhood. It's an awesome way to find out what sort of artists your destination is home to and how a city sees itself. 

There are a lot of ways to save money on a trip and plenty of free and cheap things wherever you go. Street art is a great alternative to a museum, especially if you travel with kids who may or may not make it be able to hang out in a quiet and controlled atmosphere for long enough to make admission prices worth the visit.   

With more cities wanting to enrich neighborhoods, showcasing local painters is an affordable way to do so and also give them a wide, varied audience. 

What are some of your favorite cities for art, either traditional or street?

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