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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Vaccinations and Travel

More and more talk is happening right now regarding what are being called vaccination passports. It's highly probable that you will need to have proof of a Covid vaccination when we start traveling out of the country again. These "passports" are nothing new and have been used for decades. You need certain vaccinations to be allowed entry to certain countries and throughout history, in order to travel safely for you and others, you had to keep your vaccination papers on you for things like smallpox and polio. 

So, I know there is a ton of outrage out there from people who think that vaccination passports are some sort of attack against their freedom, but keeping yourself and others safe from a highly contagious virus is a worldwide problem. If you don't intend to get vaccinated, fine, but don't get mad that the government is (and other governments are) imposing restrictions that are in the best interest of everybody.

Have you ever had to get a vaccine (or vaccines) in order to travel somewhere?


  1. Never had to be vaccinated for travel, but as a healthcare professional, I've had to be vaccinated for Hep B, Hep A, Influenza and as a paramedic I had to be revaccinated for MMR because my pediatric records were 40 years old and unobtainable. As I got older, my PCP had me get vaccinated for shingles. It's no big deal and I've never once had any ill effects from any of them except maybe a sore arm. This Friday I happily go for my second Covid shot. I see it as part of protecting my overall health and the health of others around me. If you don't feel that vaccination is right for you, fine. But chances are if you ever went to public school you've already been part of the governmental process of vaccination for protecting not just yourself but all other citizens. To me vaccination is both patriotic and a positive smart choice.

    1. You're right Jill. I've had to be vaccinated for a number of things, including going to school. Congrats on getting your Covid shot. I'm still waiting, but my husband gets his first on Wed, so we're getting closer to being able to travel again, because I'll get mine the second I'm eligible and can get an appt :)


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