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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Why You Need to Add Tennessee to Your Bucket List

You might think of music and good food when you think of Tennessee. But really, those two things are only part of what Tennessee has to offer. If you are thinking about where to travel to state-side this year, then here are some of the reasons why you should think about exploring and discovering what this beautiful and great state has to offer. 


Southern hospitality

If there is one thing that will attract you to visiting this area, then it needs to be the southern hospitality that will be in abundance when you visit. You can feel completely welcome in this state through the famous southerners and how much they make you feel welcome. From getting locals to recommend somewhere good to eat, to discovering new attractions to visit, talking to local Tennesseans will help you to feel welcomed no matter which part of the state that you visit. 

Music scene

Memphis and Nashville are two cities in the state that have really thriving music scenes, which you are likely to expect given the musical history of these two places. There are a range of musical venues in these cities, with local performers, industry leaders performing, as well as blues, and country music. There are also a range of museums that you can visit that are dedicated to music, such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, as well as the Stax Museum of American Soul Music in downtown Memphis.

Great food

You cannot make any complaints about the food that you will have in Tennessee. Known for BBQ food, there are some fried chicken places that will make your mouth water. There are a lot of restaurants that are also known for their southern dishes, with sides and meats, as well as a range of vegan and vegetarian joints. If you are looking for great flavors and home cooked-style foods, then Tennessee is the one.


Outdoor exploring

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is found in Tennessee, so if you are someone that likes to get outdoors and explore, then this will be a great choice for you. A Pigeon Forge vacation, for example, could mean anything from visiting Dollywood, to dinner shows, to great hiking trails, and outdoor adventures like fishing. If you like to get outdoors and explore when you travel, then you can get a mix of city and country when you visit Tennessee. 

Inexpensive to visit

The residents of Tennessee will know that it is an affordable place to live. But as a tourist of the state, you can make the most of the affordability too. There are a range of hotels and self-catered accommodation, as well as Airbnb places that are totally reasonable and inexpensive to stay in. Food and attractions are also really reasonably priced, which is a great thing to note. When you save on your visit, you will be able to make up with souvenirs, experiences, and other things that will help to make your visit to Tennessee really memorable. 

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