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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

12 Budget Fall Travel Destinations

With things opening back up and travel being more than just optimistic in the coming months, I thought you might like to read about some places that are generally affordable in the fall. We're planning a road trip to Vegas, and are already looking forward to traveling farther in the future. If you're also dying to pack a bag, here are some places to plan to go to.

With things opening back up and travel being more than just optimistic in the coming months, I thought you'd like some budget fall  destinations.

As you know, destinations have on, off and shoulder seasons, where on season is the most expensive and busiest, off season is the cheapest and least crowded, and shoulder being somewhere in between. We tend to travel in September and October, which is shoulder season for a lot of destinations. Because there are smaller crowds and kids are in school, the limited opening hours aren’t that annoying, since we aren’t waiting in endless lines. I also feel like it gives me a built-in excuse to go back early, relax and get some good sleep. Not just that, but then I have time to do laundry when necessary.

So, what destinations are budget-friendly in the coming season change? Let’s look!


If you’re looking for a getaway that doesn’t include the typical beach setting, set your sights on Cape Cod, where the rates are cheaper and the seafood is still amazing, and there aren’t crowds of tourists, because it’s not summer. September still has great weather (highs in the 70s), though if you’re hoping to leaf peep, you’ll need to go later in the year and pack some warmer clothing.

If you really want to get away from it all, Bali sees a drop in summer crowds. You might have to deal with a bit of rainy weather, but generally the rainy season doesn’t start until November. Explore temples and beaches and save at resorts. Pretty much, you’re just looking for a good deal on airfare.

Chicago is another destination that swarms with tourists in the summer, but once the kids go back to school and the temps drop, you’ll be free to visit without fighting crowds and easily explore attractions like the Field Museum, Navy Pier, and Millennium Park. You might even get a picture of yourself at The Bean without a thousand people in the shot. Just avoid the weekend of the Chicago Marathon.

Hoping to visit Europe, but can’t quite swing the cost? Go to Montreal instead. Not only are the flights faster (getting you there much quicker), but it has an interesting old-world and modern city mixed vibe that you won’t find anywhere else. Skyscrapers and cobblestone streets, beautiful parks, amazing museums and even an Underground City where you can escape the cold.

Oddly enough, September is when you will find San Francisco at its warmest, yet also its cheapest and less crowded. You’ll still want to bring a jacket, but this is your chance to really take in the city’s attractions like all the cool things at Golden Gate Park, Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf and also stuff yourself full of seafood.


New Orleans is great to visit all fall long, but it’s still very warm in September, so waiting until October to visit can make it much more comfortable weather-wise. The high temps are still in the 70s, so you can pack your shorts and t-shirts, making it easier than ever to travel with just a carry-on. You will be contending with hurricane season, but as long as you keep tabs on the weather, you should be fine.

The Bahamas aren’t teeming with tourists during the fall, since September and early October is hurricane season, and most people wait until winter sets in to get away  to somewhere warm, so if you wait until late October or even November, you’re going to miss a lot of the rain and the tourists, but you’ll still get great deals and a chance to wear your swimsuit, too.

If you’re interested in watching the leaves turn, and you love outdoorsy activities like hiking, lighthouses and waterfalls, then the Upper Peninsula in Michigan is right up your alley in early October. You’ll need to bundle up, but there’s so much to see here. When the cold gets to be too much for you, you can hang out in one of the area’s handful of casinos and awesome restaurants.

Orlando sees a drop in visitors, since most of them are coming for the theme parks and it’s hard to do that when your kids are in school. If you can get away during October or November, you’re still going to be able to soak in some warm weather, while also getting bargains on hotels and finding shorter lines for park rides. Be aware though, if you are relying on hotel shuttles, they will be few and far between for theme parks. I’d recommend renting a car or using Uber/Lyft.


Take a tropical vacation without the fear of hurricanes in Aruba, Bonaire, or Curaçao (also known as the ABC Islands). You may still get rain, but you’ll also find temps in the 80s. Hit up Aruba and Curaçao for resorts, casinos and architecture, and Bonaire if you’re into scuba diving and snorkeling.

Instead of the arid landscape of Aruba, hit up Barbados during this time for a more lush, green escape. You’ll face short bursts of showers, but also cheap hotel rates, British-Caribbean culture fusion, and awesome tropical rum drinks.

If you can handle the cold weather, Washington, DC can be an excellent fall getaway. There are so many free museums and landmarks to break from the chill, plus there are tons of delicious restaurants where you can spend the money you’re saving on activities.

If you're planning a budget getaway, where are looking to go?

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