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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Where to Travel Domestically Right Now

Things are reopening and a lot more people are ready to travel, but aren't too interested in taking a long flight. In fact, many people are still wary of flying internationally and are looking to domestic destinations to satisfy their travel bug. So, if you're looking for places in the US that have high vaccination rates and are still taking the pandemic, and your safety, seriously. 

If you're looking for places in the US that have high vaccination rates and are still taking the pandemic, and your safety, seriously.

While we're fully vaxxed, we aren't interested in going anywhere that's going to be super crowded or popular, and we won't be traveling in the summer at all. Right now, restaurants, museums, national parks and the like are super busy. In fact, many national parks right now are closing to visitors very early in the day, due to how many visitors they're getting. So, where should you go instead?

Los Angeles

More than half of those 16+ in LA are fully vaccinated and the state is finally open with some restrictions. Cases are dropping and soon those attending events and large gatherings will be able to use CLEAR to show they have been vaccinated. The state overall is trying really hard to lure tourists back, especially with Disneyland and other theme parks open.

New York City

Not only is NYC getting back on track for their people, but they will also be vaccinating visitors who would like to get a shot via mobile vaxx sites. Broadway shows are reopening, and the food scene is bouncing back, and those getting vaccinated are eligible for a ton of freebies, like Knicks tickets and Shake Shack yums.

New Orleans

Though it looks like NoLa was going to be pretty behind in keeping their local healthy, they shut down things and cancelled regular Mardi Gras celebrations and told travelers to please stay home. Instead of getting risque, you can now get freebies around town by flashing your vaccination card at restaurants, bars, and other businesses.

Charlottesville, VA

Virginia has launched its WanderLove campaign, and you'll find a bunch of LOVE installations across the state for taking pics. You'll even be able to get free beers and other things if you can prove you've had at least your first Covid shot. 


Despite how badly Texas in general is doing in regards to Covid vaccines, including not reporting correct numbers, Houston seems to be doing much, much better than everywhere else. Open-air concerts are back, so enjoy the weather and nature out at Discovery Green. This park hosts free weekly music performances, a permanent art installation and even two restaurants, where you can indulge in some great Texas BBQ.


With vaccine rates rising and Covid numbers falling, outdoor dining and drive-in movies are returning this summer and people are flocking to the beaches. If you're looking for more to do in Chicago, check out this post.


Hawaii has been a great travel destination throughout this pandemic, holding firm on their quarantine rules and then omitting them for those who are fully vaccinated. Travelers are required to Covid test before travel and on the way back to the mainland. It's been a while since I've been to Honolulu, but if you're looking for affordable things to do, I've got tips for visiting MolokaiMaui or Honolulu.

Washington, DC

With Covid restrictions finally lifted, most of the museums have reopened. The weather is generally nice during the summer and early fall, so eating outside will be pleasant, allowing you to dig in to the rich foodie scene. Here are some of the things we did on one of our previous trips.

Las Vegas

After a rough start with opening and closing and trying to figure out how to keep things going throughout the pandemic, Vegas finally got it together and has been welcoming visitors with extra precautions. Thought many things may have closed, new things have opened, making the city new in lots of ways for repeat visitors like me. We decided against NBA Summer League this year, but we will be road tripping there in late September/early October. 

Some states are doing much better when it comes to vaccinating its population than others. Here's how each stands a month or so ago, based on how many have gotten at least one dose. If you're doing a road trip, this might be important information for your route.

If you are looking into traveling outside of the country, here are some countries with high vaccination rates that might be on your list to visit.

Are you hoping to travel soon? If so, where are you planning to go?

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