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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Checking In

We seem to be in a transitional time. We're going from a bunch of restrictions to hardly any restrictions and I'm not entirely sure how to handle it. The pandemic made a lot of normal things seem questionable and though we've been dipping our toes in, I think there are a lot of things we will change going forward. 

We seem to be in a transitional time. We're going from a bunch of restrictions to hardly any restrictions and I'm not entirely sure how to handle it.

Summer brings with it a slew of family birthdays and people wanting to make a bunch of plans with us. Staying home was actually really good for my mental and physical health. I didn't have to tell anyone no, because staying home and keeping physically distant from people outside your house were a given. I have been able to enjoy more time with my husband and myself and I was super into it, so I'll tell you how I am, and you can tell me how you're dealing right now.

Making: Chocolate mint cakes for Eric's birthday. He requested that flavor combo, so I made mini bundts to serve at our first indoor, non-masked family celebration. While I know we probably aren't in danger of getting each other sick with Covid, I also am starting to realize that eating cake that someone else has blown on is pretty weird and gross. I might always do a mini cake for the candles from now on.

Drinking: A lot of coffee still, because I'm trying my best to help out my local coffee shops, but I have also been trying the new Cutwater Spirits canned cocktails, which are a great alternative to going out and spending $10+ on a cocktail or buying everything to mix yourself. The Paloma is a great, refreshing drink for the summer.

Listening: New music by Ashnikko, AJR, and The Band Camino. I've also been listening to the new season of The Adventure Zone podcast, while also relistening to TAZ Amnesty to get back to some old friends. The McElroy podcasts got me through 2020 and I'm glad I've gotten back to them. Gamers might appreciate The Besties, where Justin and Griffin talk with some other friends about the best games of the week. 

Looking: At things to do in the Maldives and in Colombo, Sri Lanka, though we won't be going for another year .I'm also looking into new things to do in Las Vegas, and things on the way for our upcoming road trip.

Wishing: We were going on vacation sooner than September, but since we're also planning several more trips for next year, I can't complain too much.

Enjoying: The nicer weather and sitting outside in the backyard and doing the little bit of gardening...and stick-on manicures. My favorites right now are from Lily & Fox. They are easy to put on, they're affordable, and they last longer than expected. I think they will be perfect for travel, because if it gets chippy, you can just peel them off and put on new ones...or not.

Wondering: If crowded spaces will ever feel comfortable for me again or if I will always feel like I need a mask in those sorts of spaces. 

Watching: I just finally watched Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney+ and I loved it. Like everyone else on the planet, I'm watching Loki. I've also been watching Girls5eva on Peacock, which is hysterical, and Dollhouse on Hulu with Kat Dennings, which I also love, but it makes me glad I don't have to date ever again. If you're struggling a bit with mental health and/or anxiety, Bo Burnham's Netflix special Inside is fun, interesting, and heart-wrenching at the same time. If you've not been exposed to his comedy before, I'd not suggest starting with this one, as it can be difficult to watch in spots. He wrote and filmed the whole thing himself and it took him an entire year, but I feel like it may also be his best. 

Hoping: More people will get vaccinated across the country, so traveling feels more safe, and we have a much smaller chance of having Covid variants (like the Delta variant that comes with black fungus) running rampant through our population and doing a whole other round of lockdown/quarantine.

Marveling: At just how many cool things there are to see/do in Portland that aren't hiking. The city gets even more creative with things when group/crowd activities are not happening. 

Needing: Some time away from home, which I will get in due time. In the meantime, I realized what I was needing was some hugs from family, which I indulged in over the last weekend now that we're all fully vaccinated.

Smelling: All the mint and tomatoes growing in my yard. 

Wearing: More colorful makeup to feel happier and my new white Columbia slip-on PFG shoes, because the weather's nice and I am finally going out of the house more and shoes matter again. 

Thinking: About how much I don't really miss eating out. I mean, I like going out and having someone serve me food I didn't cook, but after over a year of making my own food or getting food delivered, I think I will be more picky about when I eat out and where I go. We probably won't be going back to eating out 3-4 times during the weekend. If we do, I think it will revolve a lot more around the food trucks and a lot less around going inside somewhere.

Buying: Backgrounds for more summery destinations. I'll still be doing Destination Date Night staycations, just maybe less frequently. We've found them to be a great little escape that's affordable. We'll be doing Malta soon.  

Disliking: How full restaurants are in the middle of the week and how busy the highways are becoming again. 

Feeling: Like I need to get back into vacation mode now that more and more people are getting vaccinated and travel is getting back to normal. I'm already planning much more than I have in the whole last year.

Now, tell me how things are going with you

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