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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

My 2022 Paris Wish List

I'm packing for Paris right now and working on my itinerary for my short-ish trip. We snatched up a great deal on a flight to Paris last year and decided to use it as an opportunity to hit up Disneyland Paris again. The last time we visited France was in 2013, and we shared that trip with DLP then, too. It was only two days, and we did a lot of regular touristy things in the city. This visit, we have 3 1/2 days in Paris proper to do things we've had on our list over the last decade.

We're on our way to Paris! We have 3 1/2 days in Paris proper to do things we've had on our list over the last decade.

Our wish list is probably longer than this, but I'm looking forward to getting back to a few places I want to explore again and checking out other neighborhoods that I missed before.

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Eiffel Tower

Yes, we've been here before, but it's always nice to commemorate your visit with a photo from atop a cool structure. I love everything about the Eiffel Tower, and while I haven't been able to book tickets in advance, I have hope that we can get there in the morning and take a trip up, grab brunch in the lounge, and then move on with our day of walking along the Seine and enjoying gardens and the Champs Elysees. 

Photo by Vince Duque on Unsplash

Canal Saint-Martin

We've traveled down the Seine, but we love a canal. Just walking around this historic area sounds awesome to me, but if I have a chance to take a little jaunt down the canal, we're definitely doing it.

Nicolas Flamel's House

He may not have actually made the elixir of life, but after his wife Pernelle died, he had this stone home built for both his alchemist experiments and as a home for those seeking shelter. It's now the oldest stone building in Paris and has been converted into a posh restaurant.

Photo by Fatemeh Alizadeh on Unsplash


I don't know why we've never visited this before, but we both decided it was something we definitely should check out. Cool architecture is always on our list and I don't entirely know what to expect from the Pantheon, but we will wear our hiking shoes and find out, since we have tickets to visit.

Photo by Divya M on Unsplash

Pere Lachaise Cemetery

On our first trip to Paris, in 2006, I learned about jet lag the hard way, but Eric also took it upon himself to plan a cool afternoon for us when I was sleeping for a thousand hours. He took me to Pere Lachaise and I fell in love with it. I know that sounds weird (he definitely knows me well), but it is such a love letter to departed relatives that it's hard to feel sad there. It's beautiful and we'll be staying about half a mile away from it, so we're going to spend a nice morning strolling the streets of the cemetery.

Photo by Anya Petrovic on Unsplash

Luxembourg Gardens

These gardens seem to be outside all the neighborhoods we visited both times and got missed out for things like Versailles. Now I'm looking for beautiful places that are also free and help us really discover the different sides of Paris. Their gardens have always been some of my favorite spaces.

Photo by Heriberto Murrieta on Unsplash


I know this is usually on everyone's list, and we probably would have skipped it this time, too, but we're taking the Montmartre tiny train around the neighborhood and then taking the funicular up to the top of some of their tallest steps, where the Sacre-Coeur waits. There will be 300 steps to the top of it to see the view, so I think I get a pass for not wanting to walk up another 222. I'll walk down though. Maybe. 

Museum of Hunting and Nature

Ever since I read this article about Wes Anderson's Paris, I've been dying to visit this museum. I adore a colorful Wes Anderson vibe and unusual artwork. Some of the best museums we've ever visited have been off the beaten path, smaller museums that are niche. One of my favorites was the Wallace Collection in London, which also had an amazing and affordable afternoon tea.

Carnavalet Museum

This is another museum I've never heard of, but it's free and close to where we're staying, so I'm down for learning more Parisian history, especially in a city that has very few free or budget-friendly museums. Even when they are, they are time-consuming, since you end up waiting for hours to get in. This is one of the reasons we've never visited the Louvre. 

A few other things I have on my list for if we have enough time:

And, clearly, we have eating a lot of delicious food on our list. We appear to be staying in an area with some lovely brunch spots (the 11th arrondissemont) and what appear to be upscale vegan eateries. I'm very excited. If you're excited to see our travels, too, follow me on Instagram. Otherwise, I'll do as many posts as I can after the fact. 

Have you been to Paris? If so, what are some of your must-dos, including budget-friendly dining? Let me know in the comments.

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