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Saturday, March 16, 2024

2024 Trending Travel Products

I've just returned from the Travel Goods Show, which I haven't been to since 2020 (it was cancelled the following two years and I couldn't justify a trip to Chicago last year) and it's back in Las Vegas and under a new group of organizers. There were new things, like panels and workshops, the last day was a short day instead of a full day, and a ton of new brands.

Coming back from the Travel Goods Show, I've noticed a few exciting trends when it comes to products that just dropped or are coming soon.

I've noticed a few exciting trends when it comes to products that just dropped or are coming in the next few months:

Women-owned travel brands

Women are really shaping the travel experience now. For so long, every bag was made by men for men and you just got a box with a zipper and no innovation. Travelon has really been at the forefront of using women to help design bags that are pretty, but also functional. Now, women innovators are moving beyond luggage, and it's very exciting. I'll be wearing home a tank top with pockets, to keep all your essentials close to your body, whether you're traveling or walking the dog or running errands. I'll be trying a new brand of laundry sheets that are low sudsing and can be used for handwashing as well as machine washing. I'm also testing out a new over-the-tray organizer for the airplane. 

There are still new, innovative bags, too! A great carry-on that comes with it's own legs, in case there is no luggage rack in your room, but also so you can use it as a table in the airport to set your drinks on, play a game on, or use your laptop. My new favorite thing is a carry-on roller bag that has a child seat on it, so you don't also need to push a stroller through the airport when you already don't have enough hands for everything. Pop them on there, strap them in, and run to your gate.

Quiet sustainability

It seems like the brands doing the most are promoting it the least. They feel like the brand comes first and their talk about their sustainable practices come further down as what their customers care most about. I love that they're doing it and they aren't crowing about it, but I also wish they would put that out there a bit more. One of the companies that are doing the most are a brand I've followed for years and had no idea how much they were doing. People out there making quality products and saving the earth to the best of their ability, and not asking for any accolades for it. It's truly *chef's kiss*

Everything is recycled

Eco-friendly and sustainable products are so popular. Almost everyone I talked to is using recycled materials in all or the majority of their products, be it water bottles or scraps from their bigger items. I love it. Not only do you get a quality product, but you feel good about your choices as well. The tank top I told you about is made from recycled water bottles, there is a great travel blanket line made of recycled materials, and a company making fanny packs from the remnants of their backpacks, which are all different and have a little signed card inside with the person who made it.


Everything isn't black anymore! I saw green and yellow and blue and lovely pale Spring colors and an orange day bag. I'm so excited to see more color at the airport. it's also easier to find your bag, if you had to check it, amongst the sea of black bags if it's a fun color. 

Personal-sized roller bags

80% of travel bag sales right now are carry-on size. I don't even own a bag that's bigger than 22" anymore. Everyone is trying to save money. The new hot thing is a bag that's 15-19" and I saw a lot of these that would fit under the seat on the plane. I have a couple smaller roller bags, though I would love one that would fit under the seat. I think this smaller roller bag is great for everyone, but specifically for those with disabilities or back problems that can't really travel with a backpack, but still want something similar in size. There's no picking it up and putting it down a million times, because you can just roll through the airport onto the plane.

Travel comfort

All of us trying to travel on a budget and being stuck in economy seats need to make ourselves more comfortable any way we can. There are a lot of companies trying to help us on our journey (both of them!). I'm loving the tray organizer, a plug in device that turns anything into a bluetooth device, so you can use it on those seatback screens with your wireless earbuds, a super lightweight wraparound eye mask that covers your ears, too, and an emergency panty pack that has you covered (literally!) when unexpected things happen to you away from home.

My predictions: In the future, I think you're going to be seeing more products for those with disabilities and mobility issues. We're already seeing more of them becoming mainstream, which I love. It's hard being a disabled traveler and in some places it can be nearly impossible. I get really sad when I realize great places I've been are really not that accessible for everyone. I see that already starting to change a bit in the travel products space, and that's awesome.

What innovations in travel products are you hoping for?

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