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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Beautiful Art of Downtown Las Vegas

Every time I'm in Las Vegas, I marvel at the wonderful art there is around the city. There's almost nowhere as packed with the variety of art, be it wall murals, sculptures, signs, there is in the downtown area of Las Vegas. They have a designated arts district and you can see some of the most diverse and interesting artwork wherever you walk. 

Every time I'm in Las Vegas, I marvel at the wonderful art there is around the city. There's almost nowhere as packed with the variety of art.

You've probably seen some of my other art posts about Las Vegas*, and though I didn't get to spend a ton of time in the city this time, I did get to see quite a few different pieces. I had half a free day after the Travel Goods Show that I wanted to spend downtown, and I did, but mostly inside, because it was cold and rainy, which is not really conducive to doing a street art walk.

The Plaza has had this mural for quite some time and it really captures the feel of the city. It's called Tribute to Cassius Marcellus and is a collab of two Brooklyn-based artists that go by Faile. This is their largest piece. 

I caught this fun mural outside of a toy store from the shuttle going to the show. It was painted by an artist that goes by @jacselah (I think this is actually their name) and they have a better picture of it on their Instagram. I loved the bright colors. It's very eye-catching and perfect for a toy store. Rogue II specializes in vintage toys and is the second Rogue Toys store, hence the name.

These two pieces can be found on the Fremont Street Parking Garage, also known as the Red Garage, and the one on the left done by the artist named Raul Oprea, who goes by Saddo. He's a Romanian  artist. The one of the right was done by Greek street artist that just goes by "b.".

The Circa Hotels is one of my favorites in the downtown area. It's 21+ and is really beautiful. They have an awesome food selection and they never changed the name of the garage, so it's still the Garage Mahal, which I find amusing. The mural behind it is on another side of the Plaza Hotel and is called Cultivate Harmony, done by Shephard Fairey.

Not every piece of art is an intentional work of traditional art. I dined at Park on Fremont - just steps from the Fremont Street Experience - and was pulled in by the colors of this bike with the restaurant sign and the textures of the wall. 

Speaking of Fremont Street Experience, you can watch the canopy come to life all day/night long with fun LED displays and music videos (these start at 6pm) that are made especially for it by a handful of artists you've heard of, like Imagine Dragons, Chainsmokers, Katy Perry, and Shakira.

I loved this wall. So vibrant, even in the dreary weather. I couldn't find any info on who painted it, but it did give me Agostino Iacurci vibes, who has done several other murals in downtown Las Vegas. They are an Italian artist that uses these same colors and palm tree design in their work, so maybe it's them.

Behind Park On Fremont are some other great businesses and even the alley behind them got an art glow up. This piece, and the electrical boxes, is by Pretty Done, who has a lot of other pieces in downtown, and is on the back wall of the nightclub Octopussy.

Here's another piece by Pretty Done. It was along the whole wall around the back garden of the ENGLiSH Hotel, where I met some friends to do dinner at Pepper Club, the on-site restaurant. If you see it, you should listen and go inside. The food was delicious.

I'll never pass by a set of wings without taking a picture :)

Obviously, this is just a sample of what you can find downtown. Each year, new art is added as part of the Life Is Beautiful art and Music Festival and some pieces come from past Burning Man festivals. I love that, because it allows me to get some of the best parts of Burning Man without having to endure the rest of it that I would neither like, nor could I afford. 

Tell me your favorite city for street art? 

*Free Art in Las Vegas | Meow Wolf's Area 15 in Las Vegas

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