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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Why Solo Travel Has Become So Popular

More and more women are traveling solo. In fact, more women than men are willing to go on a trip on their own. We don't always travel alone because we are single. Sometimes we go for work. Sometimes we can't get our friends to coordinate their schedules. Sometimes our spouses don't like to travel (this still seems crazy to me). Sometimes we just want some alone time. 

Solo travel has become more popular among people, even if they have others to go with. Here's why we do it:

I just came back from 4 1/2 days in Las Vegas alone and I had the best time. I met up with friends and family, went to a travel show, did some sightseeing on my own, talked to a bunch of strangers, and even went out to some nice restaurants on my own. 

I'm not one to care what other people think of me, but I also know that most people are too busy with their own lives to judge you for eating by yourself. I also find that staff giver you a little extra attention when you're alone and keep an eye on you more than they would if you were with others, especially if you eat at the bar. 

Remember: if you want to do something, stop waiting for other people to go with you, because while you're waiting, you're missing out on some really great stuff.

Have you traveled solo before? Where?

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