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Saturday, May 17, 2014

10 Things to Keep in Your Carry-On

Do you hate packing? Let's make it easier! When you keep things packed, it's easier to just pull together the rest of your stuff and get on your way to your destination. There are some things you should just keep in your carry-on. They will make your trip easier, more comfortable and you won't need to buy them when you get there and realize you should have brought them to begin with.

Sunscreen - Sunny or not, it's really important to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. If you don't use the same sunscreen on your face as the rest of your body, you may just want to look for makeup with SPF in it, to cover both bases in one product. You still want to cover your other exposed skin with sunscreen, including your ears, back of your neck and the part in your hair.

Sarong - Multipurpose! Can be used as a cover up, skirt, towel, picnic blanket, scarf or more. It's a great item to have and packs super small.

Tote bag or reusable bag - Carry around your groceries, laundry, beach essentials, souvenirs and anything else. I love one that packs into itself and I can carry in my day bag to pull out in case I need it.

Packable rain jacket - Better than an umbrella, keeps you dry and can also be used as an additional layer if it's chilly wherever you are.

Eye mask - Ever been woken up with sunlight right in your eye as soon as the sun comes up? So many hotels have horrible drapes. If yours do, these will help you sleep past the crack of dawn without having to burrow under the covers like a groundhog.

Ear plugs - You never know when you'll be a victim of noisy neighbors or construction. They are smart to have just in case.

Flip Flops - Wear them to the beach, down to breakfast, out on the deck, to the pool or wherever else you don't want to wear real shoes, but aren't about to go to barefoot.

Vitamin C - Keep yourself from getting sick on vacation. You're being exposed to random germs, recycled plane air and unhealthy food. Even if you choose nutritious options, you still might not be eating as you normally do, which could lower your immune system, along with not getting as much sleep as usual.

Papaya enzyme - Along with new foods you might never have encountered and all the delicious, but unhealthy options you are faced with, you're bound to have some digestion issues and/or heartburn. Papaya enzyme are chewable tablets that aid in breaking down food and making you not feel like you ate one of those Taco Bell burritos that just sits in your stomach.

Aspirin/ibuprofen - Well, this is pretty self-explanatory. Helps with headaches, swelling, minor aches and pains, etc.

What are your must-have travel items?

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