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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Take the Underground to Notting Hill

When we travel we enjoy looking for food. Two ways we do that are by hitting up a grocery store when we first arrive to stock our fridge and then seeking out street markets. As you know, I love a good farmers' market, but I also love browsing markets that sell hand made goods and local foods. It's a great way to interact with people who live at the destination, buy souvenirs and try new foods. When in London, I wanted to hit up several markets, but with so many things going on and a limited time to do them, we only made our way to one - the most important on my list. Portobello Road Market. If you only get the chance to visit one market in London, and want to see a bit of everything, then this is the one to go to.

Portobello Road is the one stop shop for antiques, souvenirs, handmade clothing, crafts, accessories and foods of all kinds. Whether you want to purchase ingredients to make food back at your hotel/rental, get items for a picnic or sit down to a nice meal at a restaurant, it's all here. I really wanted to purchase many of the things I saw and I was a little sad that I had a shortage of both money and space, but I will plan accordingly on my next trip to London. Between shops, merchant stalls, farmers market goods - with amazingly good prices - restaurants and food carts, it's not hard to spend a lot of time (and money) there. 

Luckily, I was satisfied for the time being picking up a few items, a danish and a doughnut the size of my head. It may have helped that we had plans to go straight from Notting Hill to the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios, so carrying too much was not something we were interested in doing. Check out some of the great things we saw on our visit to Portobello Road Market.

Though I plan to return to Portobello Road Market, I also hope to visit Borough Market (during the day when it's actually open), Brick Lane Market, Camden Lock Market and the market in Covent Garden. 

Have you been to any of the London markets or do you have a favorite market from your travels?

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