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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Do You Travel With Kids?

Every once in a while I hear stories from adults who go to fabulous places and then they mention that they left their kids at home. It may just be the way I was raised, though my BFF and husband have the same views and we all had vastly different childhoods, but I feel like going on a vacation means you go as a family. Unless you are in need of a weekend getaway to reconnect with your spouse, wherever you go, your kids go as well. Not only does it bring your family closer together, it creates lifelong (usually happy) memories and your kids might learn a thing or two about a new culture, their food and their history. I feel like parents who go away, especially to exotic places, on their own are vastly depriving their children of world knowledge and life lessons, no matter what age they are. I'm aware travel isn't cheap, but your kids should not be left out because you can't afford for your whole family to go to destinations. You should save for longer or go to less expensive cities until you can travel more far and wide. Apparently, a lot of travelers agree with me. Do you?

Do you agree that children should travel when they're younger? Do you travel with your kids?

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