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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 (More) Things to Keep in Your Carry-On

Last week I started talking about how you can keep things in your carry-on to make packing easier. There are just some things that you should have with you every time you travel with will help your trips go more smoothly and are convenient to have on hand. Perhaps you have other must-have items in your arsenal, and I'd love for you to share them!

Ziptop bags - These can come in super handy for so many things: dirty clothes, leftovers, snacks, wet items and more. Didn't have time to let your bathing suit dry before heading home? Toss it in one. Picked up some fried chicken and have leftovers? Bag it up and take it with you.

Lip balm - Changes in climate can wreak havoc on your lips, but so can being out in the sun all day, winter winds and the stale air on the plane. Keep your pucker soft and supple with moisture that fits in your pocket.

Snacks - Being hungry can make you cranky and ruin your day. You're not always going to have access to food when you're traveling, so make sure to toss some filling snacks into your bag. Some favorites: granola bars, nuts, carrot sticks, fruit and muffins.

Water bottle - You need to stay hydrated, especially on the plane where the atmosphere just saps your moisture. If you have a reusable bottle, you can save money by filling it up wherever you go. A folding water bottle is also a space saver when you aren't using it.

Non-electronic entertainment - What happens when you run out of battery and aren't near an electrical outlet? Boredom, that's what. I always keep a pack of cards, a travel game or a puzzle book in my bag. Usually, all 3 make it in there, so I can play alone or with my husband. My favorite travel game is Fluxx. Everyone can play it.

Antibacterial wipes - Do you know how many germs are on all the things you touch when you travel? From the tray table on the plane to the bathroom doorknobs, you are subjected to all kinds of yucky bacteria. Besides being able to wipe down questionable surfaces, these work great when you spill something or have dirty hands and aren't near a sink.

Gum - Gum is always handy: for keeping your ears clear on the plane, helping with dry mouth and freshening your breath after eating and not having the opportunity to brush your teeth.

Mini power strip - 95% of the time I travel, I find that there are only two free outlets in the room, both of which are usually in the sink area. I don't know about you, but I don't want to plug my phone in near running water. Probably you have more than one thing to plug in, too. I have this Belkin one and it's awesome.

Pen - You never know when you'll need a pen. Fill out the crossword during take-off, fill out customs forms, write down directions, etc. 

Tea Bags - Water isn't always what you want, but then again, sometimes you need something to help you sleep, relax or soothe your throat, so taking a small selection of tea bags can be very helpful when you travel. Toss in some sugar or Splenda packets if you don't like your tea plain.

What other items do you include in your must-have items?

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