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Monday, May 19, 2014

Drive Safe on Your Summer Road Trip

Drive Safe on Your Summer Road Trip

Each summer, hundreds of Columbia motorists will gas up their vehicle in preparation for a road trip. Although an out-of-town trip can be a very memorable and exciting experience, personal safety should still remain a top priority. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind when traveling on a road trip. 

Take rest breaks

When traveling on a long journey, it is critical that the driver takes several rest stops along the way. The simple act of driving can actually cause a great deal of mental and physical fatigue. Drivers should never make the mistake of driving on an empty stomach. Hunger tends to cause people to lose their focus while driving. Instead of putting the responsibility of driving on one person, the best approach is to have at least two drivers. 

Observe the speed limit
Always take the time to observe the posted speed limit. The highway patrol is always on the lookout for speedsters. Driving at an extremely fast rate of speed jeopardizes the well-being of everyone on the road. However, traveling at excessively slow speeds can be just as dangerous. In some instances, a slow driver can cause a major traffic jam. 

Keep the vehicle locked at all times 
The car doors should remain locked at all times. There are always opportunistic thieves who are looking to rip-off inattentive travelers. It only takes a few seconds for an experienced criminal to steal items out of a vehicle. If the doors are unlocked, even a quick bathroom break could be disastrous. The best approach is to keep valuables securely locked in the trunk. 

Never leave children unattended
When traveling with small children, never leave them unattended. Before hitting the road, make sure that the child has a photo ID card. In the unfortunate event that a child becomes lost, an ID card can help the authorities track them down. Each year, dozens of innocent children are abducted. Small kids should be instructed to never talk to strangers. 

Have the vehicle serviced
In order to prevent car trouble on the road, the vehicle needs to be serviced prior to the road trip. Some of the most important items that need to be checked out include the coolant system, brakes, battery, tires, transmission and air-conditioner. It is also important to check the oil level before hitting the road. 

Organize a roadside emergency kit
SC travel agents recommend that everyone keep a roadside emergency kit on hand. Some of the key items include a first aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight, pocketknife, duct tape and a basic tool set. It is also advisable to keep bottled water and a few snacks in the vehicle. 

These are great tips to remember every time you take a road trip. South Carolina is a great destination for your travels. If you want to find out more about Columbia, SC travel, AAA has some wonderful ideas for you, including a lot of budget- and family-friendly suggestions.

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