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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Managing Your Passwords Online

If you think about it, you probably have 50 or more online accounts, all of which require passwords to get in and change your info or to post as yourself. Do you have 50+ different passwords? If you're like me, you don't. I have four varying passwords for all my accounts, because some require numbers, longer character length and some want special characters. Even with so few passwords, it can be difficult to remember which one goes with which account. F-Secure KEY helps you keep all your long, difficult and totally different passwords at your fingertips while keeping them safe from hackers of all kinds. You use one main password for F-Secure and it remembers all your others. Here's an info graphic on how to make your passwords uncrackable.

I hate changing my passwords all the time and they can be really difficult to even come up with, much less remember, making F-Secure invaluable in so many ways. I just got an email letting me know that Chase has been hacked and I should go in and change my password, which reminded me of this joke (warning: NSFW) about how all sites have different rules and it can be very frustrating. In case you missed my last post on the goodness of F-Secure KEY, you can read about it here. Don't forget that you can also get two months of PREMIUM service for free:

Go to F-Secure Key download it FIRST from your IOS or Android device.
If using Android: Go to Menu-Help- Enter PREMIUM VOUCHER
If using iOS: Help Menu- Promotional Code*Once you redeem offer on your mobile device PREMIUM will work on your PC/Mac as well
If you love it, continue using it for less than $2 per month. Security and convenience is so affordable!

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Disclosure: This is a a sponsored post. I have been selected as a brand ambassador for F-Secure, however, all opinions are 100% my own.

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