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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Review: 2-in-1 Convertible Crossbody Duffel from Travelon

Do you ever find yourself lacking in space when you return from a trip? I have several packable bags that just aren't all that practical if I'm traveling with my husband and need that space for actual necessities. As a carry-on packer, I use space strategically, and usually this doesn't leave me much space for souvenirs, but Travelon knows all about people like me. In fact, their staff are full of people like me who want double-duty products, and that's where the 2-in-1 Convertible Crossbody Duffel came from.

Many times when we travel, we pick up gifts for family for birthdays or Christmas, but then we have to find a place to put them on our way home, or ship them back. On bigger trips that take us out of the country, shipping stuff is just not feasible, but I also like to know where my belongings are. This new convertible duffel is both a duffel bag, but also a crossbody purse. 

I had the first variation of this and used it when we went to Colonial Williamsburg, but when it was packed, it was a bit unwieldy. Could be that I stuffed it too full. LOL! This new version is pretty perfect, in my opinion. It allows you to put the same amount of things in it, but in a taller, rather than longer, bag. It also has handles and a shoulder strap, which improves any bag in my eye.

When you don't need it as a duffel, you can zip the main bag inside, giving you a crossbody bag with a large zippered compartment and a smaller zip pocket on the outside, perfect for going out for the day and holding your necessities. Once your trip is over, you can unzip the main bag (still using the other part that you were using as a purse), stuff all your purchases into it, and it easily fits under the seat on the plane or in the overhead if you prefer. 

We took this bag with us to Las Vegas, because we always come back with more than we come with, usually from family, but not always. Not only did it hold as much as our main weekender, it was just as heavy duty. Eric was able to keep his battery back-up, phone cords, book, and all his pocket stuff that he took out at security in the front as well. And it has a pass-through strap to add it to your wheeled bag, which is a huge plus to all Travelon bags over a certain size.

The nylon body is durable, but lightweight, and the straps are wide and comfortable for your hands. You can also use the shoulder strap, which is adjustable, to carry it more comfortably if it's heavy. Because it doesn't have ridged structure, it really conforms to whatever you want to put in it. You could easily use it as a weekender or a gym bag as well. 

If you take this as your main bag, but don't want to carry a second bag as a purse, you don't have to. When you get to your destination, you can unpack it, zip the duffel inside, and go about your trip with just a purse. If you don't care about an anti-theft bag, this one is a perfect size and light to carry. The strap is multifunctional, meaning you can wear it any length, for whatever your wearing style is. I notice more people are wearing crossbody bags closer to their bodies with the strap shorter, and this works for that, but also as a traditional crossbody, or even a regular shoulder bag.

If you plan to bring along your credit cards and/or passport with you, make sure you're taking them in an RFID-blocking wallet or stop by your bank and ask for some of of their credit card sleeves, or purchase some online. This will keep your info safe while out and about and keep you looking sporty with your crossbody bag. 

I love the look of this bag all the way around. It's great for men and women, has a classic look, is water-resistant, and can be packed in a really small space if you aren't using it as a purse. This is going in our packed bag, then will come back with us on the plane ride home. It's basically the perfect carry-on, shopping, and back-up bag. If you're heading out for your trip with gifts, you can bring it in this, then pack it down when you arrive, or swap it with the gifts you received. 

More details:
Where can I buy it? On the Travelon website
How much do they cost? $28 - Use code SHEREENTRAVELS20% to get my exclusive discount.
What colors do they come in? Black (shown) | Grey | Navy
Other specsPolyester ripstop, Size: PACKED: 10" x 7" x 2.5", Strap Drop Length: 17"-27.5"

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Disclosure: Travelon sent me the 2-in-1 Convertible Crossbody Duffel for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Nice bag from Travelon. Great that is convertible so it can be used both big and small, plus it is water resistant.


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