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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

What's In My Carry-On (UK Edition)

Everyone who knows me jokes about how early I pack. I have panic dreams about traveling with two mismatched shoes, a pair of shorts (in the winter) a pajama top and no money or phone chargers. I will pack a month - sometimes more - before I leave, even with a packing list.

Well, this works in your favor, because as I pack, I also take pics along the way. I pack a bit differently when I go on am overseas trip than I do if I'm, say, going to Vegas. I have enough experience to know what I definitely need and what can be bought (or what can, but will cost a stupid amount of money). So, let's take a look at what's going on my carry-on personal item, because clothes are a whole different ball of wax and a post of their own. I'll also be sharing these things on Instagram, but going into more depth here.


I never go anywhere without snacks. Not on the plane. Not in the car. Not to a theme park. Not to work. Not to the store. You never know when hunger can strike and I'm a demon when I get hungry, so snacks galore. You'd look in my purse and think I had kids. I do not.

Some of my favorite things I'll be bringing along: (huckleberry) banana bread, beet chips, chocolate covered espresso beans, Wheat Thins, granola bars, salami, grapes, Laughing Cow and Babybel cheese. I have a cute thermos for the cold things and I have an expandable food container for the big stuff, and Stasher bags for chips and beans. All of these can be reused on my trip and on my return home, either for more snacks or for loose items that I don't want broken.


I can't travel without my laptop. I use it to keep up on emails, upload pics, write posts and look up directions.


No matter how you prepare, the plane is never what you expect. It's either too hot or too cold and there's never enough legroom. I lawyer on the plane and generally wear a thin t-shirt, possibly a long-sleeve top over that, and a cardigan. That way I'm prepared for everything.


Now, I'm probably not going to wear my coat on the plane, unless it's really cold, but they always take up too much of my large carry-on, do I either stuff it next to me in my seat or, probably in this case, put it under my laptop for extra padding. 

Please, whatever you do, don't use up extra bin space with your big puffy coat until everyone has put their bags away. I will call you out and/or smash it up there with my bag for you being inconsiderate.

Neck pillow

Now, I know everyone is different, as I've been told that my choice of neck pillow is "the worst" and "nobody should ever buy it", but my opinion is my opinion, just as they are entitled to theirs. Eric and I adore the FaceCradle and FaceCradle Lite, because it doesn't go around your neck in the traditional sense. It hangs on the seat back behind you and then you adjust it so it's comfortable for you to just lean forward into it. This alleviates neck pain and also back pain. It's really good for taller people as well, because leaning forward gives you a bit more space. 

If this doesn't sound like the neck pillow for you, I highly suggest the Cabeau Evolution Cool - which is made of memory foam and a mesh overlay to avoid sweating - or the Hoodie Pillow - which is more affordable and also has a soft hoodie that can cover your eyes to block out light.

Water bottle

I like to stay hydrated, but those little cups they give you on the plane are just that. Little. I bring along a reusable insulated thermos that I fill with cold water before we board the plane and then it stays cold until we arrive at our destination or until it's empty. Whichever comes first. When I get to my destination, I use it for coffee and water to save money while out and about.

iPad mini

I love my Mini. It has enough juice to last hours and hours, plus I can play games, watch movies/shows, read, listen to podcasts and make notes. It's lightweight, so it doesn't take up that much room, and it fits in my purse. If you don't bring along a laptop, you can use it to get on the internet too, so you can check/send email, look up directions, etc.

Phone charger

I use my phone a lot when I travel, even on the plane, because I have a few games on there I like and I enjoy bogging on it sometimes. Most long-haul flights are on planes that have outlets in the seats for your electronics, so I can make sure it's charged before we arrive.

Battery backup

For flights that don't have outlets, I bring along my battery backup. Not just for the plane, but also when I get to my destination, because running out of power sucks.

This is not the entire list of things I'll be packing, but I'll definitely be posting a series of items that can be found in my bag while I'm traveling. Also, please follow me on Instagram for more posts like this one. 

What are your go-to items for long flights (or even short ones)?

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase through them, I may be compensated + I will be grateful for your support of my blog.

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