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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Review: Anti-Theft LockDown Bag from Travelon

Summer is still happening and there are probably a lot of you with trips planned to the beach or places with pools. Places where you're likely to bring stuff you need (like car keys, your phone, and credit cards), and also want to go swimming and have to leave that stuff so it doesn't get wet. If you're like me, you worry about things even when they are hidden and you're 5 feet away. 

Travelon has designed their LockDown bags for your travels, whether they take you to the beach, the pool, a hostel or your kid's soccer game. These slash-proof bags let you store your phone, your wallet, and any other valuables you need to bring with you. We often find ourselves in these situations and could really use a bag like this.

The LockDown is easy to use and has a a wide, reinforced strap that can wrap around a beach chair, a pole, a bed headboard...basically anything that is fixed and can't be run away with. Not only does this mean it's secure, but knowing that it will take extra work to steal, thieves look for easier targets. 

We stay in a lot of rentals, and generally bring valuable items with us that we don't always take with us each day we go out. Considering at least a few other people have keys to get in, I guess not all of these rentals are super secure, meaning I could use this bag to stash things like extra cash, passports, and an emergency credit card. This could also go for hotels where people are coming in to clean the room or make repairs. Perhaps you like to stay in hostels to save money or you live in a dorm with roommates. 

Have you ever been traveling and come across a cool activity, like ice skating, where you can't take your shoes or bags? Well, this bag can save you from having to miss out on these cool things or having to stuff your pockets full of things that are cumbersome and bulky. Whatever your situation, you can totally find a great use for this LockDown bag. 

The large size LockDown can hold quite a bit more than you expect. I put a pair of sunglasses, my hotel key, a bottle of sunscreen a phone and some cash in it and probably could have fit another phone and probably my go husband's wallet. No more never taking your eyes off your beach chair or making someone stay behind to watch your stuff. You don't have to trust others, just Travelon's ability to make a great, anti-theft bag. 

Your LockDown comes with a solid brass combination lock that's customizable to whatever 4-digit number you want. It's pretty hefty, so you know it'll keep your items safe. Nobody's going to spend time trying to come up with the combination when they can grab the unattended and uncovered items off the neighboring blanket. 

A couple of tips: You can't stuff this bag to the brim with things, because you are going to cinch the top closed and then use the strap to wrap around a thing. Pull the strap until you see the grommets and then put the lock through that and the end o-ring. It cinches closed very tightly, so you can't get anything in or out of the bag.

This bag is not waterproof, so if you are going to take it to the beach or the pool and are using it for things you don't want to get wet, you may want to bring along a zip-top bag for those things and then put them inside. I DID set it on a wet surface with my things inside, and though the bag was wet, the items were dry, but it wasn't a prolonged contact, so I would definitely think ahead. 

There are tons of reasons to need a LockDown bag from Travelon, and you'll never regret having one when you do need it. If you aren't sure which size to get, I definitely suggest getting the larger one, especially if you travel as a couple or have kids. Because it cinches, you're probably only going to be able to fill it 2/3 full. 

More details:
Where can I buy it? On the Travelon website
How much do they cost? $58 (large) - Use code SHEREENTRAVELS20% to get my exclusive discount.
What colors do they come in? Gray (shown)
Other specs: one-piece construction made of SafeTex, 9.25" x 13"

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How would this bag improve your travels?

Disclosure: Travelon sent me the Anti-Theft LockDown Bag for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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