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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

AeroPress Go Gives You Great Coffee Everywhere

In the early days of this blog, I reviewed the original AeroPress, as it was an innovative coffee making product that could be easily taken on your trips to make coffee like home. Since then, a majority of the coffee shops in Portland (and other places, I suspect) have at least one on-hand to make drinks. Now that more people than ever are choosing to travel with just a carry-on, that original AeroPress is a bit too large to take along when space is at a premium. Introducing AeroPress Go!
The AeroPress Go is as great as the original, but everything is compact enough to fit inside it's own coffee cup, which is pretty amazing. As a person who travels quite a lot and tends to stay in places that have terrible coffee makers or none at all, being able to get a good cup of coffee is very important to me. As much as I'd like to go to a coffee shop every day, it's not budget-friendly for me, and sometimes the only options are chains, which I don't prefer over locally-owned shops. 

An at-home latte I made with oat milk with my Go

With the AeroPress Go, I just need to heat up water and bring along my own coffee, which I normally do anyway. Even if I purchase some at my destination, that's still cheaper than going out every day. I can make a plain coffee, an espresso, or even mix it up by making a latte or similar. All in my pajamas if I want. 

The Go is super easy to use, and you can make up to 3 shots of espresso at a time in as long as it takes to heat up water, plus 1 minute or less to "brew". Set up is quick and you can make your coffee in 10 steps or less:

Step One:

Push the plunger entirely out of the chamber, because you need this space for the next steps.

Step Two: 

Put filter in filter cap.

Step Three:

Twist filter cap onto chamber.

Step Four:

Stand chamber on top of mug and pour one scoop of fine ground coffee inside. 

Step 5:

Shake to level your coffee grounds.

Step 6: 

Add hot water up to #1 on the chamber (for one cup of coffee/or espresso). If you're making cold brew (this does that!), you sub room temperature water instead.

Step 7:

Unfold the stirrer and stir for 10 seconds for hot brewing or one minute for cold brew. (You can also use this stirrer to level off your coffee in your scoop and even to mix your additions to your finished coffee.)

Step 8:

Insert the plunger and press down slowly until you feel resistance (why you reach the grounds). 

Step 9: 

Enjoy your coffee! Or add Step 10 to make a drink other than espresso.
  • Espresso - drink as is.
  • Americano - Add enough water to make an 8oz drink + desired cream and/or sugar.
  • Latte - Add milk to make an 8oz drink.
  • Cold brew - Add room temperature or ice water to make an 8oz drink.
Cleaning the Go is very easy as well. In fact, it's easier than making the coffee, if that's possible. You just remove the filter cap and tap out the filter (I tossed mine into my compost bin) and then push the plunger the rest of the way down to eject the used coffee grounds. If using at home, you can easily put into your compost or into a garden bed. Rinse the seal and the stirrer and you're done! 

I tried the coffee the Go made at the Travel Goods Show last month and found it delicious. It looked very easy. Believe it or not, I was able to get a great cup of coffee on my first try at home, too. That's almost never the case. If I can do this at home so well, I have high hopes for my travels, because I only have to worry about heating up water to use. In a pinch, you can use the microwave, but you can also use a tea kettle, the crummy coffee maker without coffee in it (I can't tell you how many I've used that do not brew well and/or somehow always end up getting the grounds into the carafe), or even a pot on the stove.

I can't wait to take this with me on my future travel, but it's also going to be a quick espresso maker for me as well. The Go comes with 350 filters, plus a little compact filter holder to take a stash with you when you travel. It keeps them dry and from getting crinkled up. 

Everything that comes with the AeroPress Go fits into the cup, which doubles as a case, and you receive a silicon cap that holds everything inside when you store it or pack it. It's very simple to put together and repack when you're done. I consider that a huge plus, because it sucks when you unpack a product and then it never goes back together after you use it. There's no chance of that here.

Who needs the AeroPress Go? 
  • People who travel a lot and love coffee.
  • People who RV or live in a small home and want to save space.
  • People who backpack or camp and want an awesome cup of coffee without the cumbersome coffee percolator.
  • College students in small dorm rooms.
  • People who like to craft their usual coffee from home wherever they go.
That's not an entire list of those that can benefit from this amazing little maker. Mother's Day and Father's Day are coming up. Graduates will be going off into the world soon, too. It's a fantastic gift for everyone who likes coffee and will save them a ton of money and trips to the coffee shop. 

Other details:
Where can I buy it? On AeroPress website | On Amazon
How much is it? $31.95
Other specs: Mug with lid on top measures 5.3" x 3.9" x 3.9", 11.5 oz, 15 oz mug, 20 filter holder capacity.

If you like what AeroPress is doing, follow them on social media:

Make Quarantine a little more comforting with a coffee shop coffee at home! It's affordable and you don't have to leave home to get it...even if you want to. 

How do you like to drink your coffee?

Disclaimer: I was provided the AeroPress Go for the purposes of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. *This post contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase through it, I will receive monetary compensation + you have my thanks and gratitude for helping me keep this blog going.

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