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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Review: Well Told Design Drinkware

Right about now, everyone's wishing they could get out of the house and go somewhere, anywhere, but also, everyone's flights are getting cancelled, so you're getting double disappointed by life. Why not remember the good days and those great trips you've taken at home with a set of Well Told drinkware with the night sky or destination map etched into them?

Well Told Design noticed that there wasn't a good selection of home goods that were both well made and good looking. Why not a product that you would use often and feel happy every time you did? We use glasses every single day and so do most other people.

Well Told sent me a set of pint glasses with London and I knew right out of the box they were going to become favorites of ours and we'd probably end up with several more additions to the set in the future. These pint glasses have the London map on them, which makes me think back to our most recent trip and also our honeymoon. London is one of our favorite destinations, so much so, that I created a little tableau at home right now to give us a bit of an international feel while we're stuck inside for the foreseeable future.

Look how pretty these glasses are! They're making our everyday drinking feel special, even if we're just using them for soda or juice. We use pint glasses pretty regularly for just general all our beverages. They're a good size and easy to hold. In fact, I posted on my Instagram when they arrived and a friend was very excited and immediately ordered a set of rocks glasses for her cocktails. 

Don't love a pint glass? Choose from rocks glasses, stemmed/stemless wine glasses, coffee mugs, stemmed/stemless champagne glasses, or mason jars. I chose a city map that meant something to me, but you can choose from a ton of other city maps, topography maps, airport codes, college town maps, marathon maps, history or literature quotes, constellations (including customized night sky maps), and even math or science etchings. You'll find something for everyone for very affordable prices.

Don't want to add to their bar glass collection (though you can choose from copper mugs or goldleaf glasses)? Or already have as many glasses as you'll ever need? No worries! Well Told has so many other things to buy for yourself or gift: flasks, insulated drinkware (like tumblers and hydration bottles), coasters, cutting boards, carafes, and blankets. 

Round out your set or gift with matching bar tools (muddler, anyone?) or fancy reusable straws to make their drinks look more amazing. I'll be in the market for such things soon, with all this hosting of virtual brunches and happy hours I'm doing from home.

Once you can go out again and have people over, think of how cool you'll feel when you serve drinks in an amazing set of travel-themed glasses. They make a great focal point and conversation starter. Everyone will want to chime in with their favorite travel stories, which, if you ask me, is the best way to pass time at a party. Then, everyone's going to share where they're going next and swap travel tips for destinations people have been to. They come individually, so you could buy a set of glasses consisting of multiple destinations.

You might also want to cheer someone up with a set of glasses that represents their favorite place. Mother's Day and Father's Day are coming up, but these are fantastic for birthdays and anniversaries, or hostess gifts, too.

Other details:
Where can I buy it? On Well Told Design website 
How much is it? $18 per pint glass | $16 per rocks glass
More info: These glasses are not only pretty, but they are dishwasher safe, too.

If you like what Well Told Design is doing, follow them on social media:

What map would you choose for a set of glasses?

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of Well Told Design pint glasses for the purposes of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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