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Saturday, April 4, 2020

How I'm Satisfying My Wanderlust

All of you out there who're dying to get out of the house, but being cool and helping the many by staying home as much as humanly, I understand. I'm an introvert, so keeping to myself in the house isn't too terrible. The not traveling is harder, but I know after all this, I'll be out traveling and exploring again. For now, I'm doing little things to keep the sanity. 

Here are the two things that I find are helping me with travel withdrawals:

I still had some stuff up from my Scandinavian potluck, and it gave me an idea. I created a little London vignette to remind me that I've had the luck to travel well and that I've created amazing memories there. I purchased this Citygami book a while ago, but forgot about it until last week. I pulled it out and folded and tabbed and created this adorable London skyline.

Pull out some stuff you love from your travels, whether it's books or postcards or trinkets. Anything that reminds you of the fun times you had and that you'll have more in the future.

For this one, I added a Mr. Men book I found in a little bookshop in London, one of my favorite teacup sets that makes me think of the Portabello Road Market, and then printed out some fun maps. Get creative! It's not like you are doing much else, right?

The second thing I'm doing to enjoy some travel without leaving the house is rounding up all the awesome places that are doing virtual tours and putting a ton of artwork and performances and stuff online to entertain and distract people during this time. If you don't subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Facebook, you missed it, but I sent out a pretty good list to my subscribers and have also been continuously adding links to my Facebook list to help others as well.  Visit museums, The Globe Theatre, National Parks, Zoos, and more. I can even visit the National Museum of Scotland again without getting stuck in the elevator. LOL!

How are you keeping sane during your time in Lockdown?

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