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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Postponing All Your Trips for the Forseeable Future

Let's talk about trips we had planned that the apocalypse has ruined? I like to look on the bright side, because travel isn't cancelled forever, it's just postponed. If you can postpone your vacations instead of outright cancelling them, that would be better all around. We'll get to travel again, and when we do, it's gonna be great...and possibly safer than ever before.

Why Postpone? 

Because it gives you something to look forward to. I know right now prospects are feeling kind of bleak and hopeless and there's a ton of disappointment over cancelled events and whatnot, but what about that trip you had planned? Yes, it's a bummer that you didn't get to go, but wouldn't it be cool if you just went later and still had that to look forward to on the horizon, no matter how far away it is? 

Thinking about travel makes me happy, and even though I'm not sure if the rest of my travels this year will happen, I know that eventually I'll be able to go and it makes me optimistic. Even the act of planning a trip (even if the travel dates are unknown) gives you some of the benefits of actually taking the trip. It instantly boosts your mood and relaxes you. Plus, having extra time to plan a trip eases the stress that some people feel trying to create the perfect vacation for their family.

What I didn't get to pack for the wedding reception we were going to.

Why Not Cancel Instead?

Unfortunately, one of my trips was outright cancelled due to Covid and shelter-at-home orders. The wedding reception we were going for was pushed back to September, though to a weekend that we already have plans, so I cancelled my airfare. I could have gotten a refund (and you should in most circumstances, especially if the airline cancels for you), but I knew I would be flying that airline again as soon as I'm allowed to fly, so I just took a credit. Now I'm already ahead for my next trip, plus I'm helping the airlines by not making them pay me back when everyone is hurting right now. The same goes for accommodations you may have already booked and paid for.

If your event is cancelled, it might get pushed back to a later date, and you can go then. If you already have tickets to that event and they haven't refunded you, they will honor your tickets when it has been rescheduled. 

Know your rights when it comes to cancelled flights. <---I wrote you a tiny poem♥

What I probably won't be packing for NBA Summer League in Las Vegas.

What To Do In the Meantime

Try not to get into the mindset that this is the end of the world. It's not. We'll get to see friends again. We'll get to throw parties. We'll get to pack a carry-on and get on a plane. Plan your trips with a TBA travel date, pack your bags so you don't have to do it at the last minute, make a travel wish list, and then have fun planning a great staycation in the meantime. Not only will it make you more creative, but it might even give you a new appreciation for your house and/or backyard. 

We'll all get through this together and our travels will be that much more special when do. What's the best/worst part of shelter-at-home for you?

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