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Monday, April 27, 2020

How To Support Travel and Tourism When You Can't Travel

We're all living in a time of uncertainty right now. We don't know when we're going to travel again, just that it'll happen at some point in the future. We're hoping September sees us taking to the roads and skies again, but what are we doing in the meantime? You can definitely be planning your next trip now, but you can also support those in limbo right about now, too. 

As a travel blogger, things are really iffy right now. I'm not sure if I want to write about travel during this time, but I also want to write a bunch of things about travel, so it's still top of mind. Travel blogs and merchants are clearly not making money now, so here's what you can do to help out, and still have those people around when we come out of this.

Keep reading your favorite blogs

I hope I'm part of that list. If I am, please remember to come back and read each week. Read old posts that you may have missed and think sound cool. Leave comments. This is an important part of letting writers know you like their posts. If you don't bookmark the blogs you read, sign up for the feed or the newsletter to be notified of new posts. Share posts if you like them by pinning or reposting to your favorite social media accounts. I always appreciate this, but even more right now.

Follow + engage on social media

Help keep the conversation going by following me and others you love on social media (you can find all my links at the top of the page) and then engage with posts by leaving likes and/or commenting. When engagement is down, it's difficult to gain sponsors or review items.

Make a purchase

If I've ever helped you save money or find something cool to do at a destination, you buying something you were already going to buy could really help me out. As you might assume, being a travel blogger right now is pretty uncertain. Views are down, we're grounded, and we don't know when we can start traveling again.

I have two ebooks available on Amazon, but you can also make a purchase on any of my sidebar ads, buy items from my favorites list or use my link when you go to place an order on Amazon. If you're buying goods anyway, I'd be highly grateful for you using my affiliate link to do so. Now's a great time to buy a new travel bag or travel gear for your future trips. Save 20% off when you order from Travelon and use code SHEREENTRAVELS20%

Don't cancel your trips

Instead of cancelling, postpone. Call the hotel, airline, etc, and push out your travel dates. This lets these places know you'll still be coming in the future and allows them to use that money to keep their businesses going. You'll be helping the local tourism at your destination if you purchase tickets ahead of time or put down deposits on any part of your trip. 

While we wait for the world to settle on its new normal and we plan trips for when we can explore the world again, we'll ensure that we have as many options available as possible. It may be odd when we start traveling again, because things will have changed, but it'll be safer and we'll be able to stay healthier than before.

Where do you want to go once the travel bans are lifted?

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